Electric Butts

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Jul 11, 2006
West Central Illinois
15.5# of bone-in butts that were rubbed and rested in fridge for 12hours

½ cup brown sugar
½ cup regular sugar
4 Tbsp Rileys all purpose seasoning
4 Tbsp paprika
1 Tbsp Rileys mild chili seasoning
1 Tsp cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp regular pepper
1 Tbsp basil leaves


Smoked in a Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse @ 235* for 7 Hours.
Foiled at 160* and heated @ 225* for an additional 6.5 hours to reach 197* internal.
Left in insulated smokehouse to rest for 2 hours with power off.
This smokehouse has been modified (see my post: in the electric smokers section)


The results of my labors thanks to all of you. THIS FORUM IS A VALUABLE RESOURCE. I TIP MY COLD ONE TO YOU, SALU!


Now for a smidgen of sauce and a few buns.
Thanks again to all contributors!

I'm drooling on the laptop, and although I had breakfast 2 hours ago, I'm ready for the day's smoking to begin. Meatloaf today.

go illini go!
and this is from a missouri tigers fan.

electric smokers do a great job.
your pictures tells the story!

im so glad you are here.
there was not many electric smokers
when i joined a year ago.

luckily smokeing knowledge goes to all
people who want to learn.

thru my reading---
every form of heat source,
has advantages and disadvantages.

as srmonty has said --it the cook-not the cooker

i luv this place
Larry; I think it was SoFlaQuer who said "It's the Cook not the Cooker!"

Or maybe you are right and the original quote was Srmonty's.

We Electric's seem to be in the minoirity around here but we know what
works for us until the power goes off!

My owner's manual says not to use the unit if there is a thunderstorm.
I wonder if they mean you may burn what you are smokeing in 1 second? :P :oops:

And yes this is a great place!
That is some beautiful pork! I also did a butt this past weekend. It turned out wonderfully well .... especially with Florida Jeff's finishing sauce. We had some friends over and they didn't seem to be able to get enough. We sent some home with them and they called back the next day to thank us again for the wonderful Q. Good friends and good Q just seem to go so well together.

Congratulations on your effort.
Congratulations on a beautifully executed smoke! And thank you so much for sharing it with us!

And while we may have guided you with a few suggestions and tips along the way the ultimate success of this smoke rests squarely with you!

You have done us all proud!

Great Job Illini ! Looking real good ... I haven't had pulled pork in a few weeks now .. So I may be doing one within a week or so .. Thanks for the pics ..

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