Ebay Junkie!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 31, 2007
Glenburn, ND
I just have to ask.... is there any other ebay junkies out there on the forum?

Tonight I just got a GREAT deal on a Sausage Make stuffer, the 15lb only, but still a heck of a deal. We do process about 6-7 deer a year ourself plus help out friends - so this will be so much easier on the clean up. We use a 4qt Enterprise that we loved for yrs and have used, but these Sausage Maker brands have that removeable tub that will be so much nicer for clean up!

I can not believe the deals over the years that we have found... plus the stuff that we have sold. It is crazy to see what people will bid on, never the less the stuff that they buy!!

I can't wait to get my item~

I think my husband thinks I am in love with the UPS driver... lol!!
Ohhh yeahhh....

Ebay is another addiction, of which I have brought under control. Now I only go there for BBQ/smoker accessories, fishing equipment, swimming pool pumps, door knobs, elastic suspender clips (don't ask), Jeep parts, kayaking equipment, and of course, sand blasters, or an occasional CD on the sex life of ground hogs.

Other than that, I'm clean...
Ebay? No........but I do have this addiction to RV's and Goldwings. Therefore, I do visit www.gwrra.org and rv.net everyday. What I'd like to figure out is how to take my smoking addiction with me when I go RV'ing. I can't think of anything better than camping and smokin' too!
ebay is evil.... i can't find collector anything nowdays - even the lil' old lady w/ the vintage "65 fender stratocaster lost inthe attic since '66 knows what that is worth now. last 1 i saw was over $35000 & still rising.
I'm w/you ......... I just went out and bought a bunch of cast iron cookware to keep me busy at the camp sites ...... the dutch oven cooking its just as addicting!
Yeppers I'm an eBay junkie!

Bought most of my instruments there except my guitars, all my jukeboxes, selctor boxes, drive-in speakers, pinball machines, repair manuals, books, baseball and basketball cards. Good stuff! Only got burnt once in over 200 sales and it was partly my fault.
I routinely drool over the massive trailer pulled smokers that you find on eBay. Funny how none of those auctions stay in the 99 cent range.
My name is Az_Redneck and I am an eBay-aholic..

Somebody please help.. UPS guy knows me by name (Without looking at the delivery label)..
Yep count me in too ,I NEED HELP, at least according to my mrs.T-bone...I mainly use it for things I can't find locally now ...but I luuuuuvvvvvvv it ...okay must go there now
My husband calls me his eBay baby! If UPS goes by the house he'll say oh no! They forgot your package. It's so bad, for my birthday, 5 of my girlfriends went together and got me a gift cert for ebay! 8lb sausage stuffer, meat grinder attachment for my kitchen aide, some canning supplies, and few other little bric a brac...
I just have to ask.... is there any other ebay junkies out there on the forum?

That's an old addiction of mine and I try to stay away from Ebay as much as possible now. That said I have a meat slicer, an ultra chef, and and a 4 qt Enterprise stuffer I bought from ebay. Just because I couldn't resist!
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