Easy Smoked Corn

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Meat Mopper
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Jun 3, 2007
Tampa, FL
My wife's a corn on the cob FREAK and she says this is the best she's ever had! Here goes:

1) Pick your corn at the store wisely - get the ones with light silks... the lighter the fresher. You're shooting for silks that looks like baby hair, basically. Please don't shuck the corn in the store to try to tell which is the freshest - that's a waste of time and it just runs up the price of corn.

2) Get them home and start shuckin'! I grab the top and rip one side down, then rip the other side. I personally pop the ear out but a lot of people like to leave it attached at the base - but that's harder and I'm lazy. I still keep the empty shuck - after you pop the ear out it'll basically look like a "V".

3) Get any remaining silk off the ears using a dry paper towel.

4) Put the empty shucks and the ears in pot or sinkfull of water and let them soak for about an hour.

5) After they're done soaking, pull them out and put a *thin* coat of olive oil on each ear. I basically just get my hand a little oily and rub the ear around once.

6) Toss a little [size=-1]Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning on them and rub that in too.

7) Put the ear back in the shuck and tie it up with some butcher string or cotton twine. I usually start at one end, wrap it around 3-4 times, then tie it back up with the starting end. If a little corn is showing through the shuck, that's a good thing... that'll be a REALLY good bite of corn.

8) Put the corn in the smoker - preferably with the boston butt you've got going (grin), and leave it in for about an hour. Two hours won't kill you. Basically, when the husks start to burn up a little and get black edges, they're done.

The whole point of leaving them in the water-soaked shucks is that the water that it's absorbed will steam the corn. I've got some friends that soak them in water with about a cup (or more) of kosher salt dissolved in it - the saltier the better - they say that when the water evaporates it leaves the salt behind, and then you've got pre-salted corn... but I haven't ever tried that myself.

Saaa-lute! to my old friend H.B. for a lot of these pointers.

Devo -

Get on of those pump sprayers and spray the corn with evo makes it it easier.

I also like to peel back the shucks an tuck a pat of butter inside and close it back up.
Thanks for sharing devolutionist. I'll have to try that salt water soaking. I don't like to have to take a break from eating to salt my corn. :)
Peel back the husks, remove the silk. Add some rub, a pad or two of butter, fold the husks back to their original position and wrap each ear of corn with aluminum foil. Seal the stem end tightly, leave the silk end open. Pour in some beer, then seal it tightly. Place on the grill and cook for 15 minutes or so. Best dang corn I've ever had!

Granted, you don't get a smokey flavor this way, but it is still very good!
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