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    I,ve been canning beef for years and always did it with raw meat and it always turns out great, so a couple of years ago i thought i would try an experiment.

    All directions that i've read say to cook and debone the chicken before canning. Since i'm basically lazy, i thought it was stupid to cook it twice.

    Around here, i can buy hind quarters for around 50 cents a # and boneless,skinless frozen breast pretty reasonable.

    I put a leg and a thigh (if they are small, i use 3 pieces ) in pt. jars. I then fill the empty spaces with chunks of the breast untill packed tight. Pressure cook at 10 lbs for about 90 mins.

    Always turns out great--i think the bone and the skin gives it extra flavor-you basically end up with a concentrated stock around the meat.

    The nice thing is i can make chicken and noodles or cream chicken in about 30 min. Also makes great chicken noodle soup.

    Buy the way, i figure i've got less than a dollar a jar invested--at the local hy-vee, amish canned chicken runs about $9 a pt.
  2. We always raw pack our chicken. However we just can the ¼'s you get for between 39 and 59 cents per pound in the 10# bags (got 30# in the freezer right now until a few more jars get bought or freed up). The birds we raise go in the freezer/smoker whole.

    The raw pack recipe we use is from the Ball Blue Book.
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    I've canned chicken , beef , rabbit , deer . Cooked or raw packed the only diffrence I've seen is the jars get really hard to clean with the raw pack .

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