Easter Sunday Montage!!!

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by smokin' joe, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Had a great smoke today. Started at 9am with 3 home cured hams. 1 dry cured and the other 2 brine cured. Also a 7 Lb turkey breast brined overnight then rubbed, a pizza fatty, Dutch's WBB's, some ABT's, and a few other side dishes.

    Had a great day with family, and the food was spectacular. I smoked with a combo of maple and cherry and tried a new lump charcoal. [​IMG]

    The hams took almost 5 hours...pulled at 168 then foiled
    the turkey took 6 hours, pulled at 170 then foiled
    The fatty took about 3 hours...pulled at 168 and hid half of it...[​IMG]

    All in all a great day for me. I hope everyone had a happy easter!!!

    Enjoy the pics!!! [​IMG]
  2. Here are a few more pics of my fatty in the making and my broccoli salad...oh and the finished turkey.

    I tried OJ concentrate (6oz) in my turkey brine and let me tell you it will be in all poultry brines from this point forward. What an amazing combination of flavors when combined with poultry spice.

    Hope you enjoy the q-view as much as we enjoyed easter dinner.
  3. smoke_chef

    smoke_chef Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Hey Joe,

    Looks like you did a great job on that grub. Wish I was there.

    I read about your frozen concentrate OJ in the brine. You mention poultry seasonings. Can you go into a little more detail about what you used? How long you brined. Ect..


  4. desertlites

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    Dang joe! I ain't got room for strawberry shortcake and you have to post those-your cruel my friend-dam n good job.
  5. Smoke chef...I started with a half gallon of water and a cup of kosher salt.

    To that I added 6oz of pulpfree OJ concentrate (not to name a brand...but it rhymes with Tropicana), 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1 Tbs garlic powder, 1 Tbs onion powder and 1 Tbs of McCormick "poultry seasoning"

    I brought the mixture to a boil, and then added 4 cups of ice water. Once it fully cooled (40 degrees), I added the turkey breast and put it to bed for 12 hours. Rinsed it off with cold water and smoked.

    The OJ gave such an amazing flavor...sweet and savory. Best poultry I have done so far. Oh and very moist. I am sold on this brine.

    I hope that was what you were looking for with the expanded explanation.
  6. Can you spot the dry cured ham in the first pic on this post??? (hint: its the darker one, far right)

    Cured much faster and was much tastier!!! I am now sold on dry cure.
  7. capt dan

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    looks good, didn;t I see a corner of the grate that you could have fitted something else on? Come on MAN![​IMG]
  8. richtee

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    Nice stuff there Joe. It's apparent to me which was dry cured- they develop a nice "patina" or "pellicle" you don't get with brine.

    Also, I learned a little lesson on salt concentration should you decide to try a full ham country cure. You have to freshen with a soak before cooking.
  9. Yeah Rich...the 2 that I brined we a tad salty and I had to soak them after the cook for a couple of hours. They got sliced and frozen and the dry cured ham was eaten with dinner.

    I took lost of notes and I think I am on the proper end of the learning curve after doing these hams. [​IMG]

    Also, I asked in your ham post about burlap sacs for hanging the country. I saw you used a pillow case, but I have access to some nice clean burlap and I can make them into bags. Thoughts?
  10. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Dunno... I have some burlap too. And not that it was an issue here in MI in Feb when I hung it...but burlap does not have the tight weave cotton does, perhaps allowing small critters access. Plus, burlap can leave fibers. Health risk? Doubt it. Embarrassing..possibly. "No Mom..it's a burlap thread, not my hair falling out" LOL
  11. Thanks for the input rich. I am going to make some grilled ham and swiss. [​IMG]

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