Easter Pork Crown Roast

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Jan 25, 2007
The 8 1/2 pound roast is rubbed and ready to go in the smoker. I have never done one before and I am planning on pulling it at about 155*-160* for medium doneness. Does anyone have a good questimate as to how long this should take running at 225*-235*. We want to sit down to eat at about 6:30pm


No questimate, but I bet it is going to be great!
Will do, just got out of chat and got some great advice from Msmith.

Thanks Marvin!!
Come on down (or is it over...lol) Only 3 of us for dinner, Bud, myself, and Bud's boss.

Sure hope I don't mess this up!!!...lol
i am 120 miles directly east from you.. thanks for the offer

the missus has to work this afternoon til night, so i will have something nice on the table when she gets off of work
Nice roast there Theresa, hope all goes well, i`m sure it will !!! I took so many pics I gotta down load them, down~size, & post
...lol !!!
Theresa i always am amazed with the gif`s u alway`s post i love them !!!! were do u find them ??? ok have a good smoke
Those pics are all too good at reminding me that lunch time is close. Great going folks!

That sure looks tasty Theresa!

Tell me ... how long did it take?
what temperture smoke
and final temps and I'll add it tot the chart.
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