Early morning start

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Jul 7, 2005
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Well, here it is the last day of vacation and I was up at 5:30 am getting the GOSM ready for today's smoke. At 6:10 I loaded in 1 10 lb. butt and a fattie. It's pulled pork for supper tonight and the fattie will go into my Wicked Baked Beans.

Smoker is holding steady at 248* and the outside temp. is 60*. Just sitting here enjoying the aroma of apple/cherry wood smoke and watching the sun rise up over the Wasatch Mountains.

Most definitely a Good Morning!
It's 48F here and raining. I'm watching the rain knock the leaves down from the trees. I have Baby Backs and a beef eye of the round in the GOSM. Will post pics later. First time for ribs for me. Time modified 3-2-1 for the ribs and 155F target for the beef. Gotta try ribs sometime, might as well be today. The beef will make GYPC's Italian Beef sammies for one meal today along with sammies for my lunch all week.

When do we eat!

Take care, have fun, and do good.


Here is a shot 1 1/2 hours into the smoke. Getting ready to turn the fattie over. Forgot to take out my tongs so I used my fingers. The smoker guard dogs were not too happy when I licked my fingers and not them.

Lady Roxie

Sir George

Kobie the pup
I gotta feel bad for the Smoker Dogs even if this is a cat household! The guard cat likes smoked meat too.


That looks like one cat that doesn't like to be messed with!!
My assistant has been working all night too and demands to be recognized as well.

Some help! We just had our fatty and eggs for breakfast so things are looking up.
Just past hour #3. The Fattie is off (instant read thermo was at 173*). Butt is at 130*.

More food porn-

Butt and Fattie at the 3 hour mark

Fattie just waiting to be added to the beans
Looks like Meowey's cat has been enjoying smoked meat for quite a while.. :lol:

I think the picture says alot...DON'T MESS WITH ME!!!
We are now into hour #5. Smoker temp is 245* and Butt internal temp is 152*.

That is one of the mellowest cats I've ever been around. That picture was taken with her laying on her back in my sister's lap half asleep. Her name is Maggie.

So as to not hi-jack this thread. Dutch, great lookin' food. When do we all get a taste?

We are planning on eating around 7:00 pm.

This will give the butt a chance to rest in the cooler before pulling and saucing.

Pork Butt is 164* and has been sitting there for about 45 minutes. Time to wrap with foil and add some apple juice. I've been giving the butt a squirt of apple juice about every hour.

At 4:00 pm I pulled the pork butt at 194* and placed it in a Pyrex baking dish.

Pulled from smoker at 194*

Wrapped in towels and placed in cooler

Resting, waiting for the Wicked Baked Beans to get done and the Family to show up!

Looks like supper will be at 6:30 pm.

Think I'll grab a shower and a nap!
Looks good Dutch...Did you use any Finishing sause?
I'm surprised any one gets anything to eat with all the guards on duty.
My 5 little ones like to help also....

Dutch, great photos and i'm still trying to get me a little camera to take photos also. I have a 7 1/2 pound boston butt on right now. Just got back in from checking. Internal temp right now is 114 and my char-broil electric smoker is at about 220. Using mesquite and hickory for the smoker flavor, hoping it turns out okay. Again Dutch great photos and enjoy your sandwiches and those baked beans you've got going.

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