Early Flight (wings)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by richoso1, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. richoso1

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    Covered some wings in OVOO and dusted them with a mixture of kosher and sea salt, fresh ground peppercorns, and garlic powder. Smoked them at 300º using a combo of mesquite and hickory. Polished some of them with a little Sweet Baby Ray’s. It’s 9:40 am (PST) and it’s already 81º, so I wanted to get it done before it gets any hotter. Yesterday hit 100º. First picture of the wings is at the one hour mark, already getting crisp. Second picture show them done after 1 ½ hours. Sorry for the presentation, the guest painter wanted an early lunch and he has no time to wait...
  2. chargrilled

    chargrilled Meat Mopper

    Great lookin wings, I have a HUGE problem Qn poultry, cant get a constant 300degree or more on my smoker. So seeing this makes my lips smack. Nice Q-view.
  3. pigcicles

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    Nice work Rich. I like them wings, especially if they're cut up and buffalo'd hot n spicy.
  4. travcoman45

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    Mighty tastey lookin wings!
  5. walking dude

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    nice looking wings rich..........but why two diff. salts?
    kosher and sea?

    better flavor?

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