Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

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i did them in a glass dish once. had no problems. dish was smokey when done, but it washed off, after washing a few times.
I have done these before and they are great. Time to change it a bit... I put in the bacon uncooked last time, I think it's better cooked. Also, thinking of pureeing the pineapple as a 'sneaky' way to get the flavor and sweetness in there without the chunks.

Every chef has to do things a little differently it seems!
This is a great basic recipe that just begs to be tweaked to your own flavor preferences.
Today, I used half the brown sugar and added dark Molasses ... didn't hurt it a bit .... Mmmm!
Dutch, I just had to jump up here and give a huge thanks! Between the baby backs and your beans, I've never seen food leave the table quite so quick or with such great reviews.
I made these for fathers day for the first time, i am not sure who liked them more my father-in-law(bought me my smoker for a wedding present...i guess he knew that was a sure way to get me to the alter) or my 2 year old niece. These beans are awesome, thanks for the recipe.
I have to thank Dutch again for his recipe. Cooked up a batch for Father's Day and they were a hit once again. Next time I'm going to turn up the heat on them even more. Mango, hmmm that might be worth a try as well.
Much thanks goes to Dutch for a great recipe. I left out the peppers, replaced the dry mustard with a cup of mustard and replaced the bush beans with Van Camp pork and beans. I made a double batch and set it in the smoker uncovered underneath a brisket. Was a smash at the gathering will def make more of this in the near future. Thanks again!
I made a big batch of these on Sunday. Since I'm new here, I didn't know that you didn't have to soak your wood. The instructions with the smoker said I had to. Well, I ran out of soaked wood and panicked, then finished cooking them in the oven. Could hardly taste a smoke flavor (I used cherry wood). Everyone loved them, though, and said I need more practice. Meaning, they want me to make more. I'm tossing out that little smoke box and going to try a cake pan next time. Are you SURE I don't need to soak the wood first? Does it catch on fire that way? I told you I was new...... One more thing. Would it help if I threw in a couple chunks of mesquite along with the cherry or apple wood? Thanks!
Guido, I have used crushed pineapple in place of the chunks, My eye/hand co-ordination was off-saw the can of chunk but grabbed the crushed and realized the goof AFTER I got the can opened

Paul, the molasses is a nice touch-it was one of the original ingredients when I developed this recipe, I went with all brown sugar 'cuz Ma Dutch suggested it. She said that most folks don't keep molasses on hand unless they have a well stocked pantry.

As I've said before, tweek the recipe to your liking, Shoot, I developed this and I seldom follow the written recipe any more!!
You will read many different opinions on soaking wood. A lot will agree that it isn't necessary. it just makes the wood take longer before it generates smoke. I think it's a good idea if you are using chips instead of chunks so the chips don;t ignite. I've never had a chunk of wood ignite, even dry. That said, I still soak my chunks of wood.

Cherry wood is a much milder, slightly sweeter flavor then mesquite.
I usually use Hickory when I want a smokier flavor, although I usually make them in the oven and they get a nice smoky taste from the bacon in the recipe without any wood at all.
Ron - Thanks for the advice. I need to make a run to the BBQ store, so I'll pick up some hickory. I'll get some chips, too. I have always used chunks, but don't know why. I use almond (for pork), cherry or apple (for poultry) and alder for fish. Never thought I'd be smoking beans!

Dutch - I ended up cutting my pineapple chunks into smaller pieces, just so they would go farther. I might try two small cans the next time, or the crushed. I don't think I'll drain them all the way, either. Husband didn't like that I didn't sautee the onions first. He doesn't like his veggies crunchy. So the next batch will be yet another experiment. I'll keep 'ya posted.
These beans are the most sought after dish at our gatherings... other than the meat of course!

Great recipe Dutch!
I think you should saute the onions first, as well as the peppers in the bacon grease.
Also I think you misunderstood about the wood. I think you should stick with the chunks, instead of the chips. Maybe if the beans are the only thing you are smoking then use the chips. If the smoke is longer then an hour I use chunks. I save the chips for my smoker box on my Weber gas grill if I am cooking something for a short time period.
Good idea about sauteeing the veggies in the bacon grease. And thanks for clearing up the chips/chunks dilemma. Where exactly do you place the smoker box in your gas grill? (Getting off subject, sorry).
Don't know why you wouldn't saute the veggies. Following the directions, it's the second thing you do after browning and removing the bacon.
I should have, but I usually put raw onion in my baked beans and then bake them to death. I have to remember I'm not baking, I'm smoking. Hubby was the only one that didn't like it. Maybe I'll make two smaller batches next time. Live and learn, right? More practice, more practice.... : - )
Last weekend I made pulled pork for the first time and it was delicious.

This weekend I made a batch of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans for the first time. My wife was against trying them saying the ingredients did not sound good together. Against her wishes I made them anyways. Well, she liked quite a bit and I thought they were awesome. These are a definite make again !!!

Now the dilemma, we are having a family get together next weekend of 30 to 40 people. We have a 5 hour drive to get there and bringing a smoker is out of the question. 1st we were bringing pulled pork in a crock pot to serve; now we are thinking a few batches of these beans in a crock pot. Both seem to warm up in a crock pot well. Wondering if anyone has reheating experiences for serving to others a few days later with either of these and which would be best to bring?
Well, Mossy, I have sealed them up in a foodsaver bag and frozen them for later use. As for reheating, I've put the whole bag into a pot of boiling water I've also just cut a small slit in a defrosted bag and then placed it into a nuculator (microwave) on the "reheat' setting. Make sure that the serving temps is above 140*.
i am making this recipe noe,,but...,,,,,,i screwed up a little and forgot to drain the pineapple juice,,,,i hope it works out for the best,,,,,,i like pineapple so it should be fine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hope...lol........i really need a new digital camera so i can post some pictures on this site...so sorry no pics for now
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