Dutch's Smoked Shredded Beef Enchiladas

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1 chuck or arm roast (4-6 lb.)
2 envelopes enchilada sauce mix (or two cans of enchilada sauce)
1 lg. onion, diced

2 small cans of diced green chilies
1 tbsp. oil
2 doz. flour tortillas (8" size)
1 lb. shredded Colby cheese or Colby/Jack cheese
1/4 cup water (if using option #2)


  1. Season roast with salt and pepper and smoke to an internal temperature of 180 deg. F. or until beef shreds easily. Shred beef and set aside.
  2. Saute onion in oil until tender and then stir 1/2 of the onion into shredded beef. Add green chilies to the beef.
  3. Prepare envelopes of enchilada sauce mix according to directions. Stir 1/2 of the sauce mix into shredded beef to moisten. Stir reserved onion into remaining sauce. Divide the remaining sauce in half (half of this sauce will be poured into the bottoms of the baking pan, and the remaining half of the sauce will be poured over the top of the rolled enchiladas).
  4. Lightly oil two 12X9 inch baking pans and evenly coat the bottom of the pans with the 1st half of the remaining sauce.
  5. Fill each tortilla with approximately 3 tablespoons of beef mixture. Roll and place seam side down in pans; 12 enchiladas per pan. When all are rolled, pour remaining sauce evenly over the tops of the enchiladas and generously cover with cheese.
  6. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes. If using glass baking dishes, reduce baking time to 20-35 minutes, or bake at 325 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
Season roast with salt and pepper and smoke for 2 to 3 hours. (At this point you can refrigerate the roast and finish this dish several days later.) Place roast in crock pot with 1/4 cup water (or 1/4 cup canned enchilada sauce). Cook on low heat for 4-5 hours or until tender. Shred beef mixture.

Continue with Steps 2 through 6 from Option #1.

Sounds like a winner Dutch
. I sent some pulled pork home with my Son and Daughter in law a few weeks back and she turned it into a pot of chili
, said it was the best chili ever.
Okayyyyyy... I've waited all nightttttt...... It's not hereeeee......
I'll keep waiting. (Hurry up)
This is just plain cruel!!! I'd like to report this thread to the moderator(s). You just can't do this to people! Dutch should be banned from doing this type of thing to us. I'm giving you a warning Dutch. It won't be pretty next time.................I'll make you eat some of my famous ribs. That would be punishment enough, I believe.

Still waiting
So I said to BigAl "Now you hold the gun on me and make me take a bite of rib"

Dutch, I'm afraid to blink, eyes are killing me.
Is it the end of the week yet??? Hey Dutch, there are some people who work a 3 day work week, that would be Mon, Tues, Wed, which would make today the end of the week!!!
Neener, neener, neener!!

Dang, you folks sure are an impatient lot!! Got to write the recipe so it's easy to follow! By the end of the week, I meant the end of the Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., FRIDAY week!!! Keep picking on me and I won't post it 'til the end of NEXT week!!

So there!
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