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Oct 16, 2006
Kingsburg, CA
Hey All,

After reading through the forums I have noticed people mentioning Wally World a number of times. Is this Wal-Mart or something else?
Yes, indeed it is WalMart.
No dumb questions here, everyone is willing to help and share info. Carry on.

I even tried looking it up on the web but I got a lot of wierd results. My wife was the one who thought it was Walmart.
Okay I lied. My dad learned from someone to boil the meat first and then grill it. I personally found it quite gross and will never be using that method. Some people seem to like it though.
Hey Iamrip, being the king of the dumb questions, I've learned never think you can't ask a question here.And the best part about this fourm is they'll answer it and not make you feel stupid. I've asked some doozie's but that's the only way you'll learn. This is a really GREAT fourm and after a while you'll be at work daydreaming about what you'll be smoking this week end. But then there's the chossen few who can smoke at work. Damn I wish I had a job like that.

I do appreciate your kind answers. I'll tell ya, for a while I was getting really mad that I didn't live near a Wally World. They seemed to have everything. :) I thought it was an East Coast thing or something.
I did one time about 15yrs ago but I have had therapy , went through the rib twelve step program and I'm now been boil free for 15yrs
I was just glad I asked her what she thought. Walmart never even crossed my mind. I'll tell you what, the more things that people said they purchased from "Wally World" the bigger and more increadible I thought it was. Up until the point I asked my wife what she thought, I would have sworn it was the most incredible place. I was really feeling cheated!
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