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Discussion in 'Beef' started by schultzy, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. With a whole packer do you have to seperate the flat from the point or can you cook all together. Are there advantages of one way over another if you dont? I just had a side of beef processed and told them I wanted the brisket. It is wrapped in freezer paper so Im not sure how its cut but it feels very big 10-12+#'s, so Im assuming it would be like a packer.
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    all of the above....................
    the flat is good for slicing
    the point is good for pulling or burnt ends
    so cook it seperate or whole , really to me i just do the whole thing and have extra....yea
  3. grothe

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    If ya got packer & it fits in da smoker, Smoke it whole. Just finished mine. Good luck and happy smokin to ya![​IMG]
  4. This is what I was taught by the 2007 NEBS Team of the Year folks:

    Always smoke it whole first off. Then take a look at the thing. What you want is to trim it so that it's of uniform height so that it cooks even. To do this you'll need to remove a good amount of fat between the point and the flat. Trim out the hard stuff but not all the way. Trim the fat cap to 1/8 inch thickness. Get your smoker at 225 and place your point nearest the heat on an offset. Foil at 160, add some beer/rub mix and seal. Pull at 195 to 200, let it rest at least 15 minutes and slice away.

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    ALL briskets are dumb Schultzy. I begged my last one on bended knee to tell me when it would be done...no reply... ;{)
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    Richtee, maybe your smoke ring wasn't big enough?
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    Oh no.... Don't tell me Rich has smoke ring envy. He's my hero. [​IMG]

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