Dry-aged rib steak help

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Oct 4, 2020
Wondering if anyone has ideas or thoughts on what may have gone wrong. I dry aged 12 pounds of boneless prime ribeye for 4 weeks in an umai bag. It looked awesome when I trimmed it. Beautiful color,, nice marbling, etc. it lost 2.2 pounds, or 18 percent, in the fridge, and when I cut it into steaks it was as soft as cool butter. I split it with a friend, and we both cooked a steak Friday night. I reverse seared it, he pan seared it and Both had a nice looking medium rare steak. But...it was seriously disappointing. Kind of tough texture, flavor was meh.... bland.... I don't know what compare it to except low quality steak.
I don't really see how anything went "wrong". The steak wasn't rotten and we are both good cooks. What gives?


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Jan 18, 2020
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Quality of meat is number 1.
The fat content is #2.
In the picture, the steaks at the bottom should have the most noticeable “change” the steaks at the top of the picture the least. I have found the best results with leaner primal/subprimal pieces from a known supply of good quality flavorful meat. Supper market meat is real hit and miss.
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