Drunken Clucker

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tommy c

Meat Mopper
Original poster
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Jun 23, 2006
My first beer can chicken on the smoker turned out excellent the other night! I took one stick of room temp. butter and added fresh rosemary, thyme, and garlic and stuffed it under the skin by the breast meat. I then rubbed the extra butter mix all over the outside and put rotisserie seasoning on that. It was a 5# bird and smoked it 3 hrs. at 300 deg. It was absolutley magnifico

Sorry for the blurry pic :roll: I'm still workin' out the bugs on the new camera 8)
Look at her, sittin' pretty for you in that pan. Congrats on a good smoke. Got My own BCC just getting ready for a picture, she's all dressed up in her best salt, pepper and garlic gown...
Tommy, You been busy first ribs and now the li'l clucker. Color looks great.. I have to find something to smoke this weekend. I have no idea what yet. Again nice job <tugging on the wish bone>

The combination of spices & butter sound wonderful. I'll bet it was delicious! :D

Some cameras have a macro setting for taking pictures up close. It took me a while to figure mine out. It had an icon of a flower to represent the macro setting.
Yes! I highly recommend tryin' it. It was tender and juicey, and the flaver combo with the spices and butter went awful nice with the smoke :D
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