Dried Beef recipe?

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Mar 11, 2007
North Dakota
During my college days (many years ago), I worked part time at a meat market. During deer season they would make dried a dried beef (venison) out of the hind quarters. It was in a mesh and smoked. We would get them from our other store so I didn't see how they made it. We would slice it paper thin and it was wonderful. Does anyone have a recipe for that?
I've never made it but I think it's just sliced really thin, cured,smoked and dried. You could porblably d a test run with that steakem stuff.
That might have been deer ham…I have had it cured & smoked it and just smoked too! We would slice it paper thin and it was very good! Just do it like a ham, but don’t smoke it til it falls apart, ya need it to hold together so ya can slice it!
If what your talking about is anything like what I think....Then it's what we call chipped or " dried venison". I have had commercial butchers in my area make it for me in the past and sometimes they do a great job and sometimes it tastes like you know what! It's brined first and then dehydrated and smoked. Biggest problem with having the bigger outfits do it is you don't always know if your getting your own meat back. This is something I want to experiment with in the future as I love the taste if it's done right. But I'm not currently set up to do it....have to build a bigger smoker and some type of dehydrator first. I have already several nice old crocks for brining and have been checking out some recipes/methods....SMB
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