Double Smoked Ham Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokeguy, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. smokeguy

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    This is a repost from "BC" inspired by one Bubba did. Hope you like it now as well as I did eating it then.

    Started with a 9.80 lb ham that was $1.79/lb so totaled $17.54 (now I can come back and look at these 5 years from now and say "Boy that was cheap!"). It was labeled Shank Portion Ham, hickory smoked and super trimmed and came from Sam's.

    I followed the Bubba method for the most's the thread on that.( )
    You can find the rub I used here, and the glaze, but no mop for me except that in the last 45 minutes I used the glaze 4 times.

    ETA: Here are the amounts I used:
    4 T Brn sugar
    2 T paprika
    2 T Pepper
    2 T Sugar
    2 T Salt
    2 t garlic powder
    2 t mustard powder
    1 t ground cloves
    Cayenne to taste

    the glaze was.....
    1 cup of honey
    1/2 cup pineapple juice
    1 tsp dry mustard
    ground cloves

    Smoked at 225 till about 145*, about 6 hours.

    Here it is, just rubbed. Now I let it sit for a bit.

    Here's it coming out. I've heard that some people score it before you cook it and there are those that do it after. I sort of forgot to do it when I did the rub (that's how I know people do it after too!) but when I started scoring the juices really started flowing. I wonder now if it might not be better to keep the score until the end to keep those juices in. However, the rub would get into the meat better if you scored at the start, and, it looks better scored at the start I think. I'll have to think about that...

    Here's an inside look

    And finally here's what it looked like about to be gobbled up. I was afraid it would dry out with the double smoking, but it was juicy moist good!

    And a good smoke makes a great smoke when you've got some ABTs and smoked garlic to go along with the meal! These were jalapeno and poblano peppers filled with cream cheese, chives, green onions and garlic powder.
  2. pineywoods

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    That looks great nice job [​IMG]
  3. vtanker

    vtanker Meat Mopper

    man that looks really good. I have yet to try smoking jalapenos. They sure do look good to!
  4. fire it up

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    That does looke great. Have never smoked a ham yet but I'm sure I will at some point. So many meats, so little time.
    Was wondering what you use your smoked garlic with?
    I have just recently discovered smoking whole heads of garlic and have made a few things with it but am always looking for something new to try it on. It's one of my new favorite things and I make sure to throw on at least a head every time I smoke.
  5. alx

    alx Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Excellent.Best q view i have seen in awhile.What was the second smoke wood .
  6. smokeguy

    smokeguy Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    Whew! What DON'T I use them on![​IMG] I'll pop them out whole, put them in soups, chili, rub and/or inserted into meats not getting smoked, in veggie dishes and in stir-fries. Cereal? I haven't gone there yet! Basically I use it wherever I want that nice smokey garlic taste where I might have used regular garlic instead. And sometimes I still use both since unsmoked is a bit "sharper" and more distinct. I even made garlic soup in 2 batches, one with smoked and one with regular garlic just to see the differences. Both were great and I'll be honest, it was hard to pick a winner, but the smoked did finally win. It ended up being a bit "richer" tasting. It also got lost in the crash, so I'll go back and see if I can find it now.

    Thanks! I pretty much add apple and/or cherry to almost everything now since it (to me anyway) tends to mellow out and sweeten up the more robust woods like hickory.

    eta: Here's a link to the soup:
  7. pi in sc

    pi in sc Fire Starter

    WOW! That looks amazing. I have the inlaws coming over for easter dinner. I know what I will be cooking now. Thanks for the post and pics!
  8. div

    div Smoking Fanatic

    Does look very very tasty ...

    Just one question, smoking an already smoked ham ? I saw the dbl smoke park of the post just curious did it come out with an oversmoked taste ?
  9. smokeguy

    smokeguy Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    No, I kept it pretty lite on the smoke but even so the store really doesn't smoke it that much. I think they show it a picture of smoke or something![​IMG]
  10. desertlites

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    that bubba smoked ham is great-only way I do it now-and the cheaper the cut the better-and ya store bought ham was shown a oic of smoke!doing country ribs tomarrow-in rub now-will throw 3 heads of garlic on try the bacon on them.only question is will bacon clash with my cereal?I use smoked garlic in just about everything.
  11. bertjo44

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    That looks great. I did one for Christmas, got the idea from 'Down Home with the Neelys'. I was like you and was afraid it might be dry but it was not. Probably going to do one for Easter.
  12. bbq bubba

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    Nice job and thanks for posting!

    I thought that recipe was lost in cyberspace. [​IMG]
  13. im gonna try this, ill post pics
  14. First congrats, that is an awesome ham.

    Can you just rub the ham and smoke it to 135 degrees, then let it rest and slice and eat without the glaze?   I have only cooked one ham in my life and I can't remember what I did.  I remember that I did it on a weber 22" grill with hickory and it was awesome.  Beyond that I am at a loss.  This was before my oldest daughter who is getting ready to have my first grandbaby.

    I am asking since I want to do one for Christmas this year and we don't much care for sweet ham.



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