Dogs...What breed do you have and whats their name

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We have a rescue dog named Missy that was left in a house that the people just moved out and left her and a litter of still born pups in a LOCKED house too. They had to break a window to get here out. She's a great dog too and here.
We have a long-haired chihuahua (very manly huh?)

She's actually my younger brother's dog, but we've had her for almost 12 years now and I don't live with them anymore... but she'll always be my dog :)
here are some of my dogs some are still here some are gone but all are loved. Since moving to Wyoming 2 years ago I had to place all mine around the country to other breeders. But recently we have changed our home situation where we can have dogs again so I got me a pure breed mutt for bird is part lab and part pointer.
any ways here are some of my AMERICANBULL DOGS and one pit we had

his name is money

his name is con big boy

here is one of my show grand champions and also passed his BST (breed suitability test) his name is bugger

2 great producers. some of my best pups came from jesse

and here are some working shots. I trained for bst and schutzhund for years while breeding also. No pictures herre of me becuase I was always behind the camera

and a bark and hold

and here is gilbert...the kids named him. he's our pure breed half breed bird dog look forward to a lot of hunting and fishing with this guy.
It took a while for me to want to add to this thread. I lost my "little buddy" late last summer. Coming to us as a "rescued" puppy, he had been our (my) companion for just over twelve years. His name was Owen K. Garriott because that was the street he was picked up on. Garriott is an astronaut from our town that flew an Apollo mission as well as a Skylab assignment. The main highway through town is named in his honor.

Friends have tried to give us "replacements" a couple of times now, but I'm not ready. I've never been one for pure breeds. The mutts have been too good of a fit with a mutt like me. A medium-sized dog seems to be my preference. One that can ride around in the truck with me that isn't so large there's no room for anyone else, or so small it has to be in my lap to see out.

When he was in the yard, you would have sworn he had some fox in him. The resemblance was that close. He was fast enough he could catch squirrels in the yard. He even pulled a sparrow hawk out of an evergreen hedge row in our yard. The bird was turned loose rather quickly, though.






Tired after a hard day of work with me

A rainy Saturday morning--not having to work for a change.

I sure miss him.
For what it is worth..a very dear friend of mine once told me something that has always stuck with me.

"God doesn't let dogs live as long as us so we get to have more than one best friend in our lives."

and since any view of an afterlife for me must include dogs, when I get there I will have many old dear friends waggin away waiting to greet me.
We have Maddie (a 10 year old German Shepherd/Greyhound Mix -- Rescue) and recently added Minnow, a 9 month old Puggle (part pug, part beagle)!

Maddie LOVES other dogs, and Minnow adores her! Minnow is my son's dog, and he's a HUGE fisherman. All our pets names start with "M", and seeing as he's too little to be a "Muskie" Aaron named him Minnow! LOL

Just for fun, here's a picture of our geese, Rufus and Larry. (Larry should have been name Loretta).

Mrs. Mik - just want to pass along my appreciation for what your son, and all the guys and gals in uniform, are doing to protect the rest of us back here.
Great thread!
I love all kinds of dogs. This is Buster. We always said he was the best dog in the world. He adored kids. It was amazing how much he would put up with from them. If they got to where they got on his nerves, he'd just get up and walk away. He never growled or snapped at them. We lost him to cancer a year ago.


These are our Italian Greyhounds, Fina (the gray one, or actually I guess they call it blue) and Melina (the brindle colored one). They are sisters. They have never been apart their entire lives. I think if something happened to one, the other would die. They like kids too, but don't deal with overly active kids too well. They will go find a place to hide (usually under our bed) if the kids get too rambunctious.


You wont regret the Bloodhound, our Bloodhound is named Sadie. Sadie is an absolute hoot! She is very affectionate, loveable and charming. On the other hand, she is like a bull in a China closet,there is nothing delicate or lady like about her. She has not figured out how to go around you or any other object, she just goes right through or over whatever is in her way. When she shakes her head she slings slobber everywhere. So if your picky about a clean house, dont get a bloodhound. But if you want a loving and very entertaining bag of bones, and dont care if they mess up the house,then a bloodhound is the dog to get.
Thanks Tom! Gus is a character and right now he has a belly full of pulled pork just off the Traeger grill.
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