Does anyone use one of these?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sixpack, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Thinking about getting this for my home built vertical smoker. Just wandering if anyone here knows anything about it.

    Bradley Smoker Controller

    Starting at: $122.50

    This plug-and-play PID temperature controller is for controlling the temperature of Bradley Smoker and other electric smokers. The original temperature control mechanism of the Bradley Smoker is not very stable and accurate. For the same dial position, the smoking temperature can vary significantly depending on content in the smoker, the ambient temperature, the wind speed, the ambient humidity, and even the direction of sunshine. This controller uses the PID algorithm to automatically adjust power of the heater to compensate all these disturbance. With this controller, the smoking temperature will be hold to one degree precision.
    To operate, plug the smoker heater to the socket of the controller on the back, drop the sensor into smoker from the top venting hole, turn on the power of controller and smoker, set the cooking temperature and timer. It will do the rest of job for you. When fished, the sound alarm will tell you the food is ready.
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    thats a lot of money to me----
    ive used my elec smoker so much--\
    -i almost got it to a time and temp heat and smoke by heart---

    good luck if you get it---

    and please report to the forum how it works[​IMG]

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