does anyone keep pet fish?

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May 2, 2007
just wondering, have any fish tanks or have kids that have or want to have fish as pets, you need help in keeping those fish alive? post if anyone is interested, i know a site that im on that has a great deal of help.
ive been wanting to raise a wild trout for some time now. the river that runs here through reno is full of bows ans cutts, and every so often i catch a 4-5 incher. ive always wanted to set up a tank and take one home to raise. does anyone there deal with that sort of thing. id really like to fish from my sofa lol just messin!
I put my left over minnows in a tank for use later.... Does that count?
I tore down my salt water tank and plan to set up again some day. I have a friend that has his all computer controlled and for running a salt water I have to believe that is the way to go
I have a 55 gallon tank at home with whatever we feel like adding. We have some "feeder" goldfish that are small carp now. We have a rainbow shark, one of those big black algae eating fish and our newest addition, a crawdad! (my son caught him in the creek which is soooo cool to his old man here!)

I feed them. I clean the tank whenever it strikes me. Other than that, I allow the cycle of life to occur right in the living room! I remove the victims and replace them from time to time.
For all my working life I was in the pet business. I worked for a wholesaler first, and then had my own stores. I owned a tropical fish (both fresh and marine) and aquarium store in Atlanta, Ga for over 20 years. If I can help let me know.

i have a 10-gallon in the bedroom, with two feeder "comets" in it. my wife wanted them in it, as she likes them. i have a 135-gallon in the dining room. it has a clown knife, a jaguar, a tiger oscar, a bichir, and a pleco. i sold it to a friend at work, as soon as he pays me off, it is coming down and getting transferred to his house. i used to work in a petshop. we had fish (freshwater and saltwater), reptiles, spiders, scorpions, and such. i used to have snakes too, but my wife is scared of them, so i sold them. i had a florida kingsnake, a texas rat snake, a ball python, and a burmese python.
the reason i was asking, the site im on needs some active members i know its a slow time of the year, and i didnt feel right comming out and look like im trying to advertise for them but its
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