Do you have a snack stick locker?

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Jan 4, 2014
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We all have friends that know that we make sausage and snack sticks. Most all of us have friends that come over now and then that are comfortable enough to open the refrigerator to get a beverage, or get into our SNACK STICKS!

Several months ago I came up with a snack stick "locker" for the critters I put so much work into.

My bride has a pattern each morning, she gets up, drinks a glass of water, and then mixes up something in a cup with collagen protein. That "drink mix" she uses comes in a plastic "jar" and is about the same height that I cut my snack sticks into... Seeing where I'm going?

I NOW make sure my snack sticks are cut to just under the top height of the jar and put them in there. The jar seals tightly and my sticks a perfectly preserved inside. HOWEVER, none of my friends coming over and looking in the shop refrigerator would ever open that jar, they look for ziplocks and such that SHOW meat!

This little "life hack" has been working for quite a while for me.



Now, be good friends and use this hack, don't share it with others that may be refrigerator raiders!
Great hack! Them sticks look killer!!! I am taking a break making them, have not found a mix or recipe I've fell in love with yet.
I like it! Similar to my Reserved Parking hack at work. One space close to my door that is marked as reserved on one side, nothing on the other. I try to park there religiously on the other side of it. If I leave for lunch or basically any reason and plan to be back, I spin it so it says my spot is reserved. Despite everyone knowing this isn't a reserved spot, I would say 99 times of 100 it is avoided...peoples brains are trained like pavlovs dogs. So when I return I park and spin the sign back.
I'm more worried about my friends nipping my high end Scotch. So I hide that in a jar labeled "tofu water". I leave my snack sticks out to distract them while feeding them cheap Scotch.
I missed this. Hilarious. Back in my party days everyone seemed to focus on my high end bottle.
I don't remember the name, but it is a heavily peat smoked scotch that most could not tolerate the smell let alone drink . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.