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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
I am putting together a program for our company party and we have a big buck contest. It got me to think we should have everyone post their big bucks here. I do not hunt but would love to see what you have
I dont hunt how about a fish pic.The guy in the checkered shirt is my boss and the gal is his wife,this was their first salmon trip 20 fish limit in less than 5 hours talk about spoiling some one the first trip!The short guy in the white shirt is a very good freind who is blind but in the boat you would never know it.Does everything but drive and net.And he is missing his left hand from an accident but he doesnt let anything slow him down.I am the big ugly guy in back.



ok cheech

2006 blacktail buck not a big deer but good eating i live in western washington but shot this deer in southwest oregon rogue river oregon to be exact

hey cheech

it is kinda a goofy looking deer huh or where you talking about me lol i am kinda goofy looking to but i would not stick my tongue out at anybody lo take care
SD Mule Deer P&Y 147 and some change. 45 Yards

IA Whitetail Deer 1.5 Year Old Not a good score but tasted very good! 12 Yards Helluva story behind this one!

Both were archery Harvests.
Here is a Jackson County West Virginia buck for you,I got it about 9 oclock opening morning.It made some tasty jerky and I canned the rest.Cant wait for season next year,David
Heres a cute couple a co-worker brought over for processing.All togather we worked up 7 deer this year at my place.Thats kinda light,we usually do 10 to 15 a year,David
Cheech, there is a big field right over my shoulder in the pic. The buck only went about 30 yds after I shop him.

Dacdots, would you be willing to share your process of canning the venison? I"ve heard the meat really tastes great.

Great bunch of pics guys...but these days I get more enjoyment out of hunting with my camera...especially when these "shots" are in the back yard!!!!


I wish I could get a copy of the pic that my dads neighbor took.For a few years the neighbors had an orphaned deer that they adopted.It was never penned or kept captive but the dang thing would walk right into the house with the people.They had a flouroscent orange collar on it so none of the folks in the area would shoot him.I dont know how long he lived but the last pic I saw had a 12 pt 18"+rack.
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