Displaced in Alabama

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fire me boy

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May 14, 2016
Montgomery, AL
Hi everyone. I'm a Kansas City native living in Alabama. I gotta be honest, I like it here, but I really miss being in one of the BBQ Meccas of the U.S.

I'm no pitmaster, but I know my way around a grill and smoker. I used to do small-time county competition in the KC area, but haven't in a long time. Moved to South Carolina in 2008 and got certified to be a SCBA judge down there. Moved to Alabama a couple years later.

Came here through the Pit Barrel Cooker thread - just got mine on Friday, doing my first smoke tomorrow. My current rigs are the PBC, a Masterbuilt Electric (long story, got it for free), and my trusty Weber kettle.
Welcome from SC. It's really good to have you on this great site. I was judging SCBA in 2008. PM me and let's see if we remember each other.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe. :welcome1:
I hate to admit it but really good que can be a challenge to find around here. But it's alot of fun looking for it.
I live in mobile and there's a couple....the brick pit is a local award winning little hole in the wall. If you ever make it down this way.
SmokingWeasel - I will retire to Mobile hopefully next year. Thanks for the tip about The Brick Pit. Found it on Old Shell near South and look forward to trying it. A lot has changed there since I graduated from South in '73. We will move back to the farm I was raised on in Union Church; a little community north of Grand Bay. What are other places you like in the area?
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Well, there's a Moe's.oringinal barby in downtown mobile. Good pork sandwiches although not the traditional hole in the wall bbq place. Still a good time and the bbq ain't bad either. We used to have "the shed" which is a little more up my alley. The one in mobile closed but there's still.one in Mississippi I think. Worth a trip for a good outing one night. Lots of blues music going on there, traditional bbq plates with lots of old time stuff nailed all over the walls. Tags, signs, that sort of thing. I'm trying to turn my little bbq thing into something more. Just need the demand to supercede my supply and I have a couple of investors waiting on me. In advertising stages right now.
We have been to Moe's in downtown on Dauphin St...right? It was good southern fair that had good Q. Didn't not know The Shed closed. Had not made it there. Be sure to let us know when you open your place. We will drop by when in town.
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