Disco fried rice

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon
Made a batch of fried rice. Shrimp veggies eggs fish sauce and gochujang.









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damn, after seeing this earlier, I went and ordered a 30 lb box of fresh oysters for tomorrow, we get em local for 40.00 .. no tax  I have shrimp in the freezer, just need a couple of lobster tails ,, have to check on them,then I will have a feast one day this week ,,, when I buy the oysters, we freeze half of em ... 
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Looking good....i like me some fried rice

Looks delicious!  Wanting some now myself.

real nice ... love shrimp and stir fry ... :points:

Looks pretty tasty to me!

Dang it DS that looks good,,, Nice job,,, POINT

 Yeah that looks good, We are big fans of that here to, Made me hungry.... Point

Thanks everyone! The disco makes it nice to do. Especially when it's 90-100 degrees and you don't want to heat the house up.
Nice chow!

I'm looking @ making a burner out of a rim.  Love what you have there.  Is there a build thread for it?  Any tips for fabrication?

The black pipe doesn't weld good to the steel rims. I should have used steel pipe. I ended up having to bolt the leg holders to the rim. Having the hangers for cooking utensils is great. The burner and needle valve are great and I wouldn't change them. Threes are important. Three stand offs for the disc to sit on that raise it off the rim. If you place the disc right on the rim you'll have flame outs. Having the three points allows you to level the disc easily. Three legs, this allows you to level the burner easily. Makes for a stable set up which is important when dealing with hot oil.



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