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May 5, 2007
Yesterday, my wife and I, along with a couple of friends, went to the annual Riverfront Blues Festival in Wilmington, DE. Don't get me wrong, the music was awesome... It was a great time and a beautiful day!

One of the big attractions (for me anyway) has always been the BBQ. There is always a guy there with a mobile pit, smokin' ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc. Well, we haven't been to the festival in a couple of years, actually, come to think of it, since I started smoking. We went to this guys booth, I got the pulled pork and the wife got the brisket. Our friends got the pulled pork as well. We were not impressed. Everyone said that mine was much better... WOW!

So, you see my dilema... I was disappointed in the Q, especially for what he charged us, but was happy to hear that mine was better.

BTW, my wife laughingly said to me as I walked by his pit, drooling and staring at it, "Hon', are you suffering from smoker envy?"
Phil, know how ya feel. I took the wife and and some friends to a well known Que place in the area. Folks have talked up how good the que is and all the awards the guy has won and I have to admit-I know the guy personally. Anyhoo we ordered the ribs and well, they were just like any other restaurant ribs that I've had in the past. No flavor except for the sauce which was served on the side, meat falling off of the bone before you had a chance to get it to your mouth, membrane still left on the bone side of the ribs . . . Now I have had his competition ribs and they are fandangtastic but his restaurant stuff
! The only positive outcome of the evening was my friends comment "Dutch, your ribs are much better!"

To make this story even more sad . . . I ended up losing every thing I ate to the porcelain god about four hours later.
I mentioned it to the owner the following Monday and he said that several folks had called and complained about the same thing and that he even had the health dept. folks out the the restaurant following up on reports of food poisoning.

Anyhoo, I be thinking that I'll be sticking to meownself's que for awhile!
same here.the last good bbq i ate in a restaurant was(sorry to sound like bragging)mine. and that was a sad second to what i do @ home. ribs imho are just not a mass produced thing, w/ the exception of corky's & city diner in memphis.even those weren't made w/ the love & care we all show here. but then againi also refuse to buy imported or farm raised seafood and i surely ain't paying $21.00 for a 9oz over/underdone grilled ribeye in a restaurant.
Theres a place like that at the state fair i went to today, great big huge smoker filled with plastic food and a smoke generator sitting inside, and the food taste like it was cooked in a microwave and slopped on a bun.
When you start doing your wn Q none of the stores stuff taste as good as you remembered. Guess it's what your used too. WHen you don't know any better it all atses pretty good - until you've had the REAL thing!

Congrats/Condolences brother Hawg!
this reminds me of my recent work related visit to Atlantic City.

Everybody kept telling me that i need to check out the best place Q'd ribs they had in town. Well after paying $18 for a small rack of ribs, i wasnt impressed at all.To make things worse is that they werent Q'd at all..
Last year we were tailgatin at an Eagles game and started to head closer to the stadium, well I spotted this HUGE catering size smoker, so grab his hand and pulled him along like a 5 year who just spotted Santa!!!
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