Dinos and a Brisky

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Aug 21, 2009
Fruita, Colorado
Hey SMF!  Been a while.  Finally had a break in the weather, so I smoked me up some brisky this last weekend.

The weather here in Western Colorado has been absolutely beautiful two weekends in a row. Bassman took advantage of that last weekend and smoked "us" up four pork butts... So I thought I would return the favor and smoke "us" up a package of dinos and a brisket I cut out last fall.

Been a while since I've done a brisket.

Going pretty simple on both, a good slather of italian dressing this morning, then some Canadian Steak on the brisket, and Canadian and some Salt Lick rub on the dinos.

Got'em pluggen along at 235 cuz I can with oak and hickory and will be pulling the bones around lunch time and the brisket later on for slicing - sammies and some french dip.

Seasoned and slathered

In the smoker

Close up at the 1 hour mark


Ribs at the 4 hour mark


Brisky at the 4 hour mark

Rib just about to go in my belly!!

Here is the final shot before she rested for slicing

Well, I went to slicing my brisky and couldn't help myself - this turned out pretty good, so I'm sharing.

What we started with

And my dinner - chopped brisket, smoked sharp cheddar, green chili sammie with some right out the can chicken noodle!

Thanks for checking out my post.

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Everything looks great. I especially like the looks of  your sandwiches I just want to reach out into cyberspace and grab one of them. Dang that looks good. 
looks damn good tracey.....and der be sum meat on dem bones!

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That's some fine looking vittles, Tracey.  Is that sourdough bread I see there?  Soup looks great too.
That's some fine looking vittles, Tracey.  Is that sourdough bread I see there?  Soup looks great too.
Ha!... Yeah!  I didn't notice that until after I already macked down that rib... had one loaf of cinnamon bread, two regular.

Thanks for all the nice comments, folks!
I live just a few miles from Salt Lick. I have their rub waiting for some of those ribs. Can't find Dino bones & the beef finger ribs I find don't have any meat on 'em.

Your ribs & sandwiches are making me hungry. Great job my friend !
All Looks Beautiful Tracey!!!

Doesn't look like you forgot how to do anything!!

Thanks for the Great Qviews,

Man that looks like a good spread....I put my first brisket on about 2 hrs ago. Now I can't wait to get into it....

What shade of lipstick did you use to make that beautiful smoke ring?

Just wondering,  


I want some I want some I want some  NOW
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