Digital probe question

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Original poster
Jun 12, 2006
This may be a stupid question , but I have a horizontal smoker with a side
firebox , and I'm interested in getting one of those maverick probes. I assume the digital readout sits outside of your smoker and the leads to the probe going into the smoker. My smoker is pretty good size and the door is fairly heavy . It seems like running the wires in through the door
would tear them up when you shut the door on them. How does that work


We run our probes out the door but it's not so heavy that it smashed the lead. I've heard of others running the leads through the smoke stack or the grease drip or an air vent that is not leading into the firebox. All of these will protect the lead from being smashed though depending on your smoker the lead may not be long enough. Just play around with the different options to see what works best for you.
You could alway cut or file a notch in the door opening to make a more "lead friendly" entry point, or drill a hole.

The leads will eventually need replaced anyway, I've had more go bad at the connector end than where they pass thru the door, for what that's worth.
Thanks jlloyd and Scott. I'll go ahead and buy one and see what I need to do . I wonder if I can buy in a store around here or do I have to get it
Buddy, If you check your Resturuant Supply or Gourmet speacialty store they might have something. A while back I did find a digital probe thermometer at Home Depot back in their Grill section.

You might concider geting the longer probe's cause the one that come with it are not that long. I use mine in an ECB and they seem short. They are available from Mavrick.
I bored a 3/16" hole in my BSKD to run the lead through. As much as a normal smoker leaks one more 3/16 hole aint gonna hurt nothing
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