Did the vent mod.

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broken oar

Original poster
Dec 29, 2006
It's snowing big time here today. The weather man sad we have 7" so far and it is expected to continue all night and all day tomorow. I needed a project so I did Illini's vent mod. on my MB electric smoker. I followed his instructions and everything went well. I used a 1 1/4" hole saw insted of the recomended 1 3/8" because I already had one. The 1" pipe fitting was a little snug going in but it worked. Pluged it in for a test run after the mod. and it still works - life is good. Looking forward to smoking some baby backs on New Years day. Hope the weather is decent. Thanks for the info Illini.
Catch ya later
Broken Oar
Your very welcome Broaken Oar

I can soon lean back and let all you guys take over and teach me something.

Glad it works for you :!: ...got photos?...others would like to see your mod too
It looks like you still have one up on me. I do have digital camera but do not know how to post pictures on line. Maybe you could teach me how to do that as well. New technology is great but it takes a while for an old dog to learn it.
Broken Oar
Broken Oar
We all love pics on SMF so here is how it's done.

Read this post and get some background info


Basically you do this

Resize your photo's to about 600X450 or so pixels with a photo editer
that has a "resize" button. That will let everyone download them on the posts you create without having a huge file coming in

Upload those resized photos to imageshack.com or similar site because there is a limit on SMF as to memory usage for each member.

Put your cursor on the address given by imageshack that identifies the photo you just uploaded and click "copy"

create the text of the post you are making and "paste" the address you copied into the text at the appropriate place.

Submit the post and if all goes well it will download the photo for all to see.
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