did the pork for bbq today

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
ok, today i did the pork for bbq i got on special friday. it was two small roasts in a cryovac package. they had flat bones in them. i went back yesterday, and they were out. i also did a whole chicken, some ABT's, and some sausage links (the fresh in the meat market kind) with cheddar and jalapenos in them (they way they were made). here are the pics. i had already ate some of the ABT's when i took the pic, and the sausage too. it sure was good. i made FlaJeff's finishing sauce for the pork.



Chris,I just finished eating and these pics are still making me drool,wishing I had room to do it over again ! awesome lookin grub and pics ,nice job
thank you. i just got a real digital camera. i have been using an old cell phone (motorola razr) to take pics with. i got a smasung 5.3 megapixel, for $80, came with a HP portable printer.
i have had two digital cameras before. one got stolen, and i pawned one, that was messed up, so i could get some money back on it.
i must be lucky this month. i just got back from the same H.E.B., and found some more packages of this pork. i bought 3 packages, and now they are in my freezer. it looked like someone had hidden them (behind/under some picnic roasts).

Everything looks mighty tasty especially those sausages.

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