Did I Kill The Fatty?

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Jul 6, 2006
Hi Everyone,

Well this was the second time I tried a fatty, and I'm not sure if I'm totally blowing it, or it's just something that we don't like.

We can't get Jimmy Deans as far as I know, so I get the Maple Leaf roll... I'm thinking it's the same, but maybe not. I've done two of these bad boys now, and neither one is something that we're fond of.

Ironically the ABT's looked the worst, but they have been the best thing to come off our smoker so far. We've done a few different kinds of home made sausages... a couple of the bulk type too, but they're nowhere near as good. The Fatties we've tried twice now, and we would all pass on them again. We tried the first round with the Cowboy Gravy... that was a no go too. I'm thinking maybe our tastes are just different, because I'll down a Bisquick Biscuit fresh out of the oven with some butter and jam in a NY second.

Here are some pictures... does this look right?

I didn't get any ABT shots again... we did six, and I had three and my wife had three. We stuffed them with mozarella and a bit of cheddar this time since we didn't have any meat ready to go. They aren't nearly as good as the mozarella and a bit of ham... actually I won't stuff them with cheddar again :P

I have a Pork Butt sitting in the fridge with a rub on it ready to go tomorrow... my wife pulled a coleslaw recipe off this site, and she also found a homemade BBQ Sauce recipe... should be good eatin tomorrow!

Anyway... hopefully this works!

Looks good on the outside!

Is this right?

Thanks again guys!
I should add, I used a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of that Fatty. It's well cooked according to the thermometer anyways.

I smoked that at about 230ish... higher for a while, because we like our Sausages well done, and everything else seemed mint.

So what do you guys think? Is a Maple Leaf just not the same?

I tried the Coleslaw my wife made up earlier... she had sampled it right after mixing it all up and thought it was "Ok". I tried it about three hours after and it was "AWESOME!". Coleslaw is one of those things that always seems to get better with age (unless you use the bottled dressing, in which case you can just throw it in the garbage any time). So she tried it after I sang my praise, and said it was alot better than when she first had it. She whipped up the BBQ Sauce and it's in the process of cooling before meeting the refrigerator.

We sampled the BBQ sauce as well and it's top notch. I just hope my first crack at pulled pork goes well or we're in for a big disappointment tomorrow... the smells emenating from our kitchen are making it hard to sleep!

Take care all.
i have only done brats on the smoker, and mine looked the same, but tasted good. im not really sure about the maple part, im sure its something you either like or dislike. maby try with a local butcher, they would have anything you would want or make it for you.

on the ABTs, i agree with the chedder there a little bland, i usually put in cream cheese, thats where its at for me. the mozz sounds good tho. i think im going to try it next time. you only make 6? ill make 20 at a time and eat everyone myself!!!!!

on the butt i only have one piece of advice. time. you will need a lot of time. my first 8lb was done in 12 hours the second never really reached the point of being able to pull (which is the way i like it) and i had it on for over 16 hours, i just got tired and had to get it off the grill. it was an 8lb'r too.

good luck on the butt today. let us know how it goes.
That certainly ain't right :!:

I don't know where you are, but I would think if you are in North America, there's a Wal Mart with a grocery store within at least 20 miles. I just got home from driving all over hell, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana and every town with over 200 people seemed to have a Wal Mart supercenter :!:

It doesn't have to be Jimmy Dean brand. Any good brand of sausage that you would make into patties and stick in a bisquit is fine. What you show in your pic looks like WAAAAAAAY to much fat is in it.
Thanks Cajun... those Sausages are fatty for sure, and it's probably why we're not too keen on them. If you cook them long enough they're good, but you have to cook the hell out of them.

I'm in Southerwestern, Ont. right across the river from Detroit. We definitely have Walmarts here, but I'm not sure the product will be the same. I'll have a look. Food wise you don't always get the same stuff in Canada that you do in the US, and vice versa. Every other sausage we've done has been awesome, just these particular Maple Leaf 2lb Logs aren't making it past the palette test.

We don't normally do the sausage on biscuits thing here... I don't think many people do actually. Outside of going to McDonalds for an McMuffin the only time you see sausage on the breakfast plate is when you're making pancakes... and there's so much homemade maple syrup on there it could be tunafish and it would still be like eating candy! :D

Here's an interesting tidbit. I've never seen a biscuit sold at McDonald's until I went to a McD's drive through in detroit and they sold BISCUITS??? They aren't the same as homemade, but still kind of cool to see. Our biscuits are always steaming fresh and moist... not like the nasty dried out stuff they had at the McD's... now i know why our McD's here don't sell them :P (or maybe I had a bad experience).

Anyway, thanks for the input. Now that I know it's the log, I'll keep looking! :)

Take care.
I've tried a variety of sausages to make fatties and my favorite (fried or smoked) is still the hot flavored sausage. :D The maple didn't work as well for me either.
The thing with fatties is that once smoked they seem to step down in heat. A hot will be normal, normal/mild not worth the effort. I would imagine that maple just does not work.

Also, it may seem everyone loves fatties, in truth, you either like em, or can care less about em...
Sorry man that fatty just doesn't look right to me. Maybe it's just the way the picture came out. I'm attempting to attach a pic of one of mine cut open, let me know if yours looks like it or does it really look like your picture?
good call riz

the smoke ring isnt profound enough and the middle isnt dark enough....almost like its undercooked (for my taste anyway)

but with as big as that sasuage looks,its almost as if you could cook it like a porkloin. 3-4 hours at 210-220. probably longer really.

right now im watching Spaceballs the movie. clasic
The picture's a little shiny, but it does look pretty close. The texture is almost like mush.

When I cooked that one it was on for about 3 1/2 hours at 225ish. It was cooked... at least according to the meat thermometer. I don't remember the temperature offhand, but I took it 10 degrees higher than what the thermometer called cooked. I dont' think it's a maple flavoured sausage, the brand name is Maple Leaf. http://www.mapleleaf.com has the product. I think the big rolls I did are sort of like their Golden Fry sausages.

I'll definitely look for something else, I'm thinking this particular log just doesn't lend itself well to being smoked. Your picture looks like what I expected, and is definitely less fatty. That looks like something I could sink my teeth into :)
riz9 that fattie looks good. And buzzard I can see why you are the jester of OTBS. Really spaceballs the movie. Thats fantastic I haven't seen that one in ages. Tys thanks for showing me your mistake now I don't have to do the same thing when I try it. As for the Canadian thing......you should move across the river. But not to detroit. Anywhere is better than Detroit.
Tys, you don't nesseccarily have to get the sausage that comes in the 1 pound plastic chub. If your store has a good quality bulk Country style or Italian sausage, get a pound of it and roll you own.

Just place the sausage on a sheet of plastic wrap and roll it "log" style so it resembles the sausage that comes in the plastic chub. Unwrap and smoke that puppy!

Dutch's advice is right on. If you can't find a store bought brand you like like, just make your own fatty. You can even take it one step further past Dutch's idea and just find a recipe for pork sausage. I could always be wrong but sausage is just ground pork with a mixture of spices. So if you enjoy a leaner piece of meat you could just buy the lean ground pork at the store and mix up your own. Actually I'm thinking of doing so even though I'm satisfied with the sausage product I get around here. There's nothing like your blend of herbs and spices, and trying different stuff out until you get it just to your taste.

Make your fatty, definitely recommended!
To go even one step further into the twilight zone :shock: , go to the sausage forum and their are some really killer looking sausage recipes such as Larry Maddocks Morrocan Lamb sausage or some Venison sausages.

Experimentation is the fun part. 8)
Rodger, Good suggestion on making your own sausage. I was going to mention it but not everyone has access to a grinder.
10/4 Dutch,

That's what I meant by another step into the twilight zone. :D

Maybe I should have said the VISA zone :oops: .
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