Detroit Ribs-n-Soul event pics

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Hey Everyone,
Let me preface by saying I am a long time bbq enthusiast, I have just started smoking meat in the last month on a bge. All that to say that I was really excited to attend the ribs n soul event in Downtown Detroit yesterday. I was looking forward to watching some professionals in action and trying some great bbq, boy was I disappointed ! The ribs were mediocre at best, everything was "grilled" over direct heat, and slathered (or dipped) in overpowering red sauce. I really think my ribs were alot better than those being bought at the event. Anyhow thats my 2 cents, and heres some pic's :



Bigcab, they had some nice looking rigs there,but it's too bad they didn't know how to use them apparently. These people need to get on the forum and learn something before entering a competition...Huh? I am sure you can do better that they did. Just stick with us and you could win the competition.
I agree with chadpole. And direct heat is a word I can't use any more. Poor grill was crying yesterday when I walked by. Stold his tank for the smoker. LOL
Yes, You are right about that ! I wish I could have my ribs side to side with those being sold at the people could taste the difference that smoking makes ( it seems that the meat was being hidden under the sauce) maybe it is a Northern cultural thing ? I know barbeque is subjective (NC /TX/OK/and KC styles) but I found these ribs to be smallish and flavorless. I wonder if I had been there selling ribs, perhaps they would have been unpopular because of the smoke flavor ? I'm going to do few little festivals next year. It was weird because some of these vendors had numerous trophys from events, they really were not that good.
Ah my fell for the oldest trick in the BBQ book.

You went to a "Ribs - n - ....." event and thought you would actually get "good" BBQ.

It really is sad when it happens .......

The only cure or way to put balance back into your perspective of life is to now attend a true BBQ event....a competition. Here you won't necessarily have to pay outrageous prices for your ribs, nor will those ribs come with fries. What you will get is a taste of BBQ heaven from some of the best people to ever put smoke to meat.

There is a proper gathering of said people on the other side of our fair state next month and I highly suggest that you find your way there and join in the fellowship of the smoke with your fellow Michigan SMF members.

We have been where you just were.....we understand...and we forgive you.
Been out of town and away from a computer, so here's my welcome.....

A BIG WELCOME TO SMF bigcab! Glad you were able to find us and hope you enjoy the place like so many do. As I read the previous posts, you found out about "good northern ribs". Like Watereyes said, you went to a "Ribs-n-***x". HA! You learned, nough said.....

About the comp Watereyes was talking about.... all the info you need will be found at the site

The last event the Michigan chapter was able to gather was at the Taste of
Grand Rapids. There, six of us met (including some better halfs), we ate, and cheered the Smokin Scotsmen on to 6th place! If you have any other questions, please ask! And again, welcome to SMF!
Truly a bummer that the Q wasn't real Q... butt, that happens! It's a hard thing to get across to people what real Q is. They have been doing their rendition of Q for so long, they are dead set in their ways. Hopefully, with this site and all the fine folks on board here, we can change the way the masses view Q... or is that Q-view.
Bigcab, Sorry to here the soul of Detroit couldn't produce better "Q" than that... If you want to experience some (Great BBQ) here in the state of Michigan, You need to be @ the Silver Lake comp. the weekend of September 15th..Hope to see ya there...DB BBQ
Last year I went to NJ State BBQ Championship hoping to gather some comp info. What I found was that the teams in the actual comp were not cooking for the public. The "vendors" who sold to the public predominently cooked direct instead of indirect. I think I only saw one commercial smoker. I guess for the volume of ribs they have to put out they can't slow and low it...The actual comp teams were a different story. They were all slow and low, a few BGE's too!

I will approach rib fests with a different attitude from now on, go to the beer tent, get an ice cold one, then walk around and look for the hamburgers, roasted corn on the cob, funnel cakes or ice cream waffles...
Shellbellc said: The "vendors" who sold to the public predominently cooked direct instead of indirect. I think I only saw one commercial smoker. I guess for the volume of ribs they have to put out they can't slow and low it...The actual comp teams were a different story. They were all slow and low, a few BGE's too!

I was thinking the same thing while I was there...I don't know how the vendors could have kept up doing real bbq. Even with a huge smoker. I would have really advertised the "smoke difference" given out one bone samples...then hung the sold out sign for 3 hours.
In London Ontario, they have been having a RibFest and Hot Air Ballon Festival ( two different sites ) now for a number of years. Long story short, all the competitors use for the most part, commercial smokers burning much wood ... they just use some direct heat grills to finish them off for serving.
A well run event in my opinion, except all the ribs are BBs supplied by the organizers, which to me takes away from individualism, but fair to the competitors ( I guess)
I attended that event last year, and your right is a well run event AND every vendors bbq tasted the same ( I even told my girlfriend that everyone must have shopped at the same store ) I remember most vendors having little wood stacks in front of their booths ( advertising /perception) and I remember seeing alot of grilling going on. I'll have to pay more attention to the operation this year. At risk of sounding like an elitist..I wasn't really impressed by the taste of any of the london ribs, I think i'm really looking for flavorful juicy meat, that could stand on its own as flavorful. If any sauce is added, that sauce should compliment the meat..not overpower it. The baloon fest was my first, and my girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. Speaking of London...I really like the Sikorski Sausage warehouse, and Sammys Souvaliki ! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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