dehydrating garlic?

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Dec 5, 2010
Spokane Washington
hey gang-

have some garlic going in the dehydrator and it being the energizer bunny of garlic it just keeps going and going in my cableas dehydrator-

we are talking the 8 day mark and still mushy texture- peppers done onion done but garlic still remains- any body have some tips/tricks for handling these bad boys.

thanks in advance,

I have a "sausage maker" dehydrator and have dried many pounds of garlic.

We peel the cloves and slice in a food processor using the "thin" slicing blade.

Parchment paper on the shelves in the dryer. The best temp I find is about 110-115.

Higher temps turn the garlic brown. 2 days or so and the chips are crisp. They grind well for garlic powder


The drier has a fan that runs continually and really aids in drying.
sounds like that is my problem- i did not slice te cloves at all have the whole clove in there and i think it was just too much

so i took your advice and sliced em down and it should make a big difference

awesome! I will definitely try this. I've been making my own rubs and sauces and starting to make my own spice blends such as lemon pepper and other pepper blends. I've been wanting to make some fresh garlic and onion powder so I can truly make everything fresh from scratch.

Thanks for the tips

Her you go shoneyboy.....   We love garlic here....  Dave

Dried garlic in a bowl.......

Garlic on the parchment.....

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