Debi's got my vote

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jun 21, 2007
It stands without question that Debi is probably the queen bee of this hive. I say we nickname her "Q Queen" of the SMF.
yup yup- 2 mits up
Hands down... no questions... she's the one!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. She has to be tired of hearing that from me. I have gathered sooooooo much information from her.

I second or third or fourth that motion! I bough my new smokr based on what she had to say about it. So far, I could not be happier!
i posted a thread a while back(maybe 2 wks)"rep points for debi" outlining her accolades. then asked for a special nomination & entitlement when we inducted the last members of the otbs....i'll call her mum & lordess of the Q on high..... ALL HAIL MOM DEBI.... ( quit blushing woman.. ya deserve this)
Well, ladies and gents I will add my $.02.

Mulled this over a bit and came up wth the title of "Grande Dame" (Pronounced Grahnd Dahm). Which literally means "Great Lady".

The definition of this French term is, " A respected woman with extensive experience and expertise in her field".

Now, I ask you, does this not describe our own Debi?

She would be known as the Grande Dame of the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke.

Also, It is my strong suggestion that Debi have the final word on this.

And in keeping with the idea of fairness and equality for all I would first suggest that the title be available to others of our site to earn as well.

And, while I am in this mode of thought there are a few men who have distinguished themselves as well. We should come up with something for this group of members, too!


Thanks for listening, err, uuhh reading or whatever!

Got my vote Debi has forgotten more than I know I have to beleive. That is one smart and helpful lady.
You all got this right! She is my mentor! I love to read anything this lady has to say. Her knowledge is phenominal. I would like to personally meet this lady and give her a big "smack" RIGHT ON THE LIPS!! Hooo Rayyyy!

How did you know I was blushing?

Well Ladies and Gents you've all been great and I love being here for you whenever I can. Isn't that what a Mom does? I just hate to see my kids disappointed and I've got hundred of kids though the Lord chose to Blessed me with only one fine son. I think of you all as my extended family.

I'm thinking this title thing is not going to go away anytime soon no mater how much I try to crawl under my smoker and hide so ...

I like the "Queen Bee", because the name Debra in the latin book of names means "the busy Bee." I used to wear little embrodered Bees on my blazer lapels in school.

I think Grande Dame sounds more in line with the whole Knight thing. Both sound kind of uppity though and I wouldn't want anyone to think I was someone special - I am just a regular person.

If we are going to add a new feature I think it should be approved by our beloved Jeff who made this site posible for us. And I believe Dutch started the OTBS though he has been so busy shocking himself as of late we haven't had the pleasure of his company much. (Just kidding Earl

Did it get hot in here? Whew! You guys aren't helpping my hot flashes any!
Alrighty then, lets bump this back up. Debi has been here for everyone. I remember the first time I P.M. her about making bacon. I didn't want to post the question thinking I would sound dumb. But I wasn't sure how she would feel getting a P.M. from some one she didn't know. Not only did she give me the confidence to make my bacon, she also showed me that no question asked here is dumb. BBUUUUZZZZZZZZ hail to the QUEEN "B" is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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