Daytona 500 pork smoke

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Aug 21, 2006
Shreveport La
I am having some buddies over for the race and plan on firing up Puff for a big pork smoke Saturday night. I have a buddy swinging by to hang out, drink beer, trade old war stories, and smoke some meat! I have a 25 lb ham, and about 5 lb of sausage in the fridge now and am going to look for some ribs and/or pork butts as well on sale this week. Now I just need to find out what the cheapest deal Jeff has on that secret rib rub! I have been dying to try it out.

Anyone have any ideas for this ham? It is a massive hunk of meat! My mom got a "deal" on them at Wal-Mart. They were regularly $50 hams, but nobody bought them, so they dropped them to $25, but nobody bought them, and they piled up in the cooler. The boss wanted them gone, so he marked them down to $6.48 EACH!! Mom bought 4 of them and I was lucky enough to talk her out of one.

Anyone else firing up their pit for the race??
I ordered the recipe earlier today and will try it out this weekend. I also found pork butts on sale along with lump charcoal. The guy looked at me really funny when I bought 6 bags of lump, but it was rated really high (5.0) and was a good sale.
Ya got take advantage of a deal!

I guess most people buy one bag at a time they always lok at you weird when your carts full!

Puff is puffing away! This lump is definitely burning hotter than old school Kingsford. I actually had to close off the intake to fire box halfway to get my smoke stack temps back below 250! Gonna check it in 30 minutes, and if the temps are holding steady, gonna take a short nap.

So far Puff is breathing on the ham, the pork butt, and a double chub fatty that I am using for Rotel dip, ABTs, some dutch's beans, and sausage gravy to go with the biscuits I have ready to pop into the oven.

I figure I am going to crack Puff in about 2 hours and spritz everything with apple juice, will check back in then.

Gonna put on the ribs at 6 AM I think. Then when I crack Puff again to wrap them, I can toss in the other fatty and the ABTs, that should get everything ready around noonish with a 2 hour lee-way before the race.
Pulling a late-nighter eh!? Sounds like lot of fun and good food for tomorrow.. Good luck!!
I am much better at staying up all night than I am at getting up early! Little over 3 and a half hours in now and the ham is up to 94 while the pork butt is sitting at 102. I spritzed everything down and added another bag of lump along with another pecan log.

My sister gave me some "Jack Daniels Oak Chips" for Christmas, so I folded some up in foil and tossed them on top of the coals as well. Hopefully that works! Never been much for chips, but since my sis gave them to me, I want to tell her I used them.

I figured I would toss a picture or 3 in as well. Wish me luck!

Ham slathered with mustard.

Pork Butt with rub.

Ham 3 hours in just before I spritzed with Apple juice.

Pork Butt 3 hours in just before I spritzed with Apple Juice.


Double chub fatty just before I flipped it.
Looking good Zardnok
Have to play with the grill today myself (thai shrimp, teriyaki steak and chicken kabobs). Glad to see the smoke filling the air in the west part of the state anyway.
My butt is deep into the plateau at 140ish, it has been fluctuating up and down between 140 and 143 for the past couple of hours. The Ham is sitting at 160ish now, going to start ladling a glaze I made out of honey, mustard, and chopped pineapple.

The butt and ribs are wrapped up tight with foil and apple juice, once I get my ABTs and beans on, perhaps I can pull some more pics off my phone and update you all.
I finally got around to pulling the rest of my Daytona 500 smoke pics off my phone and thought some of you might enjoy some droolage as you go into the weekend.

Sure you have all stared at one of these for hours...

And here are the ribs just before I carried them outside.

And the Pork butt stuck at 140...

I swear there is blue smoke there some where!

A fine use for a phatty INDEED!

And the ham some where along the way.

And the ribs looking smackalicious!

Pork Butt going into the foil.
Making up some ABTs

The ham sitting at 160.

The ham slathered with a mustard/honey/crushed pineapple combo.

Ribs in the foil.

And back on the smoker.

Buddy watching the temps with me.

My side of the smoker to watch with more TBS.

ABTs and beans on the bottom rack so all the porky goodness from above can dribble down.

Get impatient and decide to do a quick convert on Puff over to grill mode so I can finish the ABTs quickly.
Ribs done and ready for carving.


Pork Butt resting patiently in a cooler.

Wonder what this is???

We don't need no stinking bone!

All pulled with finishing sauce.

And finally a money shot on the ham. Wish I had added the glaze sooner.

Hope you folks enjoy the pics as much as I had taking them.
Awesome!!! What a great photo history of your smoke. I chuckled at your night time pic's, you can tell you're shining a flash light in there to take them.
You should put a caveat before the pictures that viewers may need a drool bib!
Was your ham just one that was already smoked or brined?
Zardnok, WOW, looks absolutley fantastic!!!! Like Shellbellc said, needs to come with a drool bib or keybord shortage warning

Ok, I'll bite what is the "Wonder what this is???" picture.

That is a double batch of Soflaquer's pulled pork finishing sauce.

As for the ham, it was cured only and a touch salty, so if I had it to do over, I would likely soak it overnight in some cold water to draw some of the salt out. My girlfriend is a salt fiend though, so I left it salty for her, but even she said it was a touch salty.

I just ordered my BUTT...RIBS...BEANS...BEER... for 40people...

Tell you WHAT!!! That's what I'M talkin' bout...the GREEN FLAG drops on the silly season.

2am...Saturday night...I'll be SMOKIN!!! Last weekend...I bought #225 lbs. of LUMP WICKED down in DA BRONX -- NYC. Bizarre spot for LUMP dealer...among the other dealers!!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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