Danish Liverwurst Recipe

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Aug 10, 2006
I'm still looking for my Danish Sausage Recipe, but this recipe may also be of interest to someone out there - (I hope). This too, takes a little getting used to - but to be honest - I will eat this _anytime_ on an open-faced sandwich - but I won't touch the commercial liverwurst sold in the tubes in the store.

This is one of those 'old fashioned' recipes - and I learned it from my former mother-in-law. (She is an awesome cook!)
You will have to play with amounts - it has been years since I've made this.

Lilbestie (leel-b'e sty)

Pork Liver
Pork fat

Soak pork liver in a solution of water, vinegar and salt. Put the pork liver through a meat grinder, then grind the pork fat and onion.

Make a white sauce (fairly thick) and mix the ground mixture and white sauce together.
Pour into loaf pans, and set the loaf pans in a dripper pan of water.

(Bake like you would a custard.) I am guessing you would smoke this the same way you would a meat loaf, just do so with the loaf pans in a large pan of water.

This is awesome spread on bread, with some sliced pickled beets on top of it. (Or thin sliced onions.)

Dawn, What goes into the white sauce?
There are 3 Basic White Sauce Recipes. They are:

Thin White Sauce

Use for soups, cramed vegetables.

1 Tbsp. butter
1 Tbsp. flour
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp. salt

*Cooking directions for all 3 at the bottom.

Medium White Sauce

Use for sauces, scalloped or creamed dishes.

2 Tbsp. butter
2 Tbsp. flour
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp. salt


Thick White Sauce

Use for croquettes, souffles.

3 Tbsp. butter
3 Tbsp. flour
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp. salt

Over low heat, melt butter in heavy saucepan. Blend in flour until smooth.
Add milk all at once. Cook until thickened and bubbly, stirring constantly. Add salt. Remove from heat. Use in recipe.

Yield: 1 cup


PS - I would also recommend that you make at least 2 - 3 cups of White Sauce for the Danish Liverwurst.
Doh!! as Homer would say!! After re-reading your recipe I see where you have "fairly thick" in your directions. I do some cheffing on the side and make a White Sauce on a regular basis. The only difference between your White Sauce and mine is that I add white pepper to mine.
I sometimes add a little fresh ground black pepper to mine. (Just not in this particular recipe.)

I'm _still_ looking for the Danish Sausage recipe.

3 moves are as good as a fire.
Hi DAwn and Welcome -

I do't have any idea what sausage your loking for so here some Danish Pork Sausages:

SAUSAGE MAKING RECIPE: Medisterpolse Sausage (Danish)

5-lbs ground pork
1-large onion, minced
1-cup beef stock, cold
1/2-tsp ground cloves
1/2-tsp allspice
1-tbsp salt
1-tsp black pepper

Fine grind the pork
Combine all ingredients and stuff into casings

Danish Cumberland Sausage
(Hjemmelavet Medisterpølse) Denne side på dansk

The Danish version of Cumberland Sausage is the most common sausage for use at dinnertime. It is made of a mix of lard and lean pork and is either coarse or fine minced.

Print recipe


1 kg pork
stock or milk
salt and pepper
½ onion
5 meter pork intestine


Intestines can be bought from your butcher. They required soaking before use.

The neck of the pork is best suited for this dish, because this cut has the right mix of meat and fat. Mince the meat 1-2 time through the mincer for coarse and 3-4 times for fine. Knead the minced meat with the spices and cold stock until the consistence is like porridge. Stuff the meat into the intestines. ***** the intestine during the process, but donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t stuff it to firm.

Make sure hat you have sufficient holes pricked in the skin to avoid that the sausage crack when boiled. The sausage is boiled in salted water for 12-15 minutes. In water just under the boiling point. Take the sausage out of the water and brown on a frying pan with a little butter.

Serve with split pea soup, curly kale soup, or serve with potatoes, brown sauce and old fashion white cabbage or red cabbage.

Hope this helps
it was an old post that i brought up

i was looking for a pickled sausage recipe and that one came up... i responded to it b4 i looked at the date of original post..lol
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