D.O. cooking over the weekend

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Looks great Steve. I haven't done a Mountain Man breakfast since I was a Scoutmaster. All that's missing is my "Cowboy Gravy" to go with them biscuits.
Dang! I KNEW I should have headed north!
Most tasty looking grub Steve. I know it was fine. Those DO's are the deal.
Sorry I didn't explain the pictures. #1- is sausage and cut up bacon cooking. #2-Hash browns cooking. #3- the sausage-bacon and the hash browns combined and a dozen eggs add. #4- biscuits (everyone should have got that one) #5-Eggs done and shredded cheese added and melted-finish product-Could have browned cheese a little more.
Deb, the pics are of a friends ovens, he fixed breakfast Sunday morning. We are going camping again Aug. 17-19 and are doing a D.O. weekend. I'll try and get some pics of our cooking as we are going to cook everything in castiron that weekend.He said he may bring his propane GOSM in case we get an urge to smoke something. lol

I've been wanting to do this one since I got my Lodge recipe book. I've got 2 smoked fatties in the freezer waiting to be defrosted & crumbled up for the base. Should be good stuff.

When you go camping do you ever use the tripod over an open fire?
Got one last winter at Cabela's and have only used it once. But we have been dooing a lot of smoking at our camp outs. Will be using it at the next camp out in August.
Mike sounds like a plan. Iron sure turns out some good vittles. It's just hard to get time to enjoy all the toys one has and keep the bills payed sometimes. Got to get around and get SOMEONE'S smoker modified, he's pacing the floor behind me as I'm typing this. Will post pics later.
Yep, better concentrate on his iron for a bit. He needs to get it going and post some good pics of fine grub off the ol' freebie.
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