cutting a propain tank

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by chevyjared, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. chevyjared

    chevyjared Newbie

    hi everyone

    building a side fire box, and at a point of building the fire box.
    ive decided to use a large 7 gallon propain tank.
    What would be the easyest way to cut it, without using a torch/dont have one. any and all ideas would be great.


  2. mr mac

    mr mac Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    You can always get yourself an angled grinder and slap a cutting wheel on it. It'll take some time but it will work. This is, of course, assuming you have removed the valve and ensure all propane is gone from the tank! [​IMG]
  3. rio_grande

    rio_grande Smoking Fanatic

    Agree you could use an angle grinder. gonna take some time though.

    As for the tank vent it and wash it out several times with dawn detergent and water before cutting.. No sence in meeting your maker durring this project..
  4. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Please make sure that you get the valve off and remove all the propane. I know it sounds dumb but I wouldn't want to hear something bad later. But I would also go with the grinding wheel.
  5. You could go to a fab shop and have them cut it with a plasma cutter. Or a body shop might have one. If you draw the lines it would take two minutes tops .Or as other have mentioned a cutting wheel will work fine.
  6. chevyjared

    chevyjared Newbie

    awesome guys will try to get that thing open, hope it dosnt take to long.

    thanks everyone

  7. If you have a worm gear circular saw, they make a steel cutting blade for it. It costs about $40 to $50 but when you cut into the tank there are no sparks. I used one while I was making mine. Best thing since sliced bread and it is super fast to cut. Very clean cuts with no burrs on the bottom side of the cut like you would have if you used a grinder. They carry them at Lowe's, Home Depot, or your local welding supply company.
  8. smily

    smily Newbie

    4in angel grinder with a SS wheel on it i went thru 1/4 in boiler pipe no problem

  9. morkdach

    morkdach Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    1 plasma cutter
    2 angle grinder
    3 recip saw

  10. chevyjared

    chevyjared Newbie

    well cut the tank with the angle grinder and that was cake.
    just as fast as a torch
  11. kaiser

    kaiser Smoke Blower

    Yeah - with a cut-off wheel those things just eat through steel... plus propane tanks aren't exactly plate steel [​IMG]
  12. mulepackin

    mulepackin Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    What method did you use to purge the tank?
  13. chevyjared

    chevyjared Newbie

    it was an old school tank and it was not hard at all to remove what was left of the gas. the tank was almost compleatly empty. just relesed the pressure and removed the valve.I rinsed the tank out and started cutting.
    it turned out great.

  14. smily

    smily Newbie

    yep told ya nice and quick and cheap [​IMG]
  15. chevyjared

    chevyjared Newbie

    yah, the whole thing worked out great.
  16. rwillden

    rwillden Newbie

  17. The best way to purge a tank like that is to completely fill the tank with water-- it forces everything out- displaces all the gas

  18. diesel

    diesel Smoking Fanatic

    Pictures ? Lets see that thing.

    I used soap and water then drained directly before cutting.
    I am still here.
  19. roklimo

    roklimo Smoke Blower

    No matter how much Dawn and water I use, it still smells like the stuff they add to propane to make it stink. It's a little unnerving...
  20. roklimo

    roklimo Smoke Blower

    Cut mine today. Not too bad. Pretty thin steel, and the cutoff wheel made short work of it.

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