Curing the dragon

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Aug 21, 2006
Shreveport La
I have recently inherited a large smoker that was custom built for my father. It is basically a side fire box design with a 3'X4' fire box with adjustable coal tray and a cooking grate to use direct cooking for steaks or other fast cooking meats. The smoke chamber is 3'diameter round by about 5' tall. There are 4-3 foot round grates that swivel out of the smoke chamber. The smoke chamber closes with 2 large steel doors and lock shut with swivel handles.

Unfortunately, my new toy was stolen last month and there was extensive damage. After extensive repairs, I picked my "Dragon" up from the shop and am looking forward to unveiling it tomorrow for the Saints vs Cowboy's tailgate party.

I rubbed down the entire surface with Olive Oil and dumped a bag of Kingsford inside and fired it up to cure the interior of the smoker before I cook on it. Currently the firebox temps are 500 and the smoke chamber is 250. I just tossed a small oak and a small pecan log onto the cheap coals to increase the heat a tad and try to raise the smoke chamber up to 300+ to cure it better.

Tomorrow I am smoking 2 briskets and 10 slabs of ribs for LOTS of hungry football fans, so I am up until I am satisfied with my temps and regulation abilities.
Sorry about the pit being stolen, but is sounds like you have a brand new pit on your hands. How about some pics? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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