Curing Ham & Dare I say not smoking myself or any ham at present

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by george weirs, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hi there
    Very original - have just searched and found this site that talked about curing and smoking meat. I must be doing something wrong or completely out of date because am looking to cure ham the old fashioned way. What is that I wonder and why do I want to do it.
    First I remember helping my father in the North of England curing ham on a stone slab with block salt and saltpeter. I can still remember how my hands felt after working all that salt. He used to put the salt peter into the bone of the ham and turn the ham about once a week. After a month he would then clean off the salt and hang the hams on a long metal bar in the back kitchen.
    Second, I now find myself in Thailand with a guest house and small bar and hair salon - absolutely wonderful. I have this picture that many 'Farang' foreigners to us would delight in a real ham sandwich with the meat cut from the bone instead of taken from a Tesco or Walmart packet.
    Temperature is an issue here - wonderfully warm all the year so guess a fridge will be the only place to salt.
    How about you smokies - how did you cure ham before you got into smoking - help for retro man like me will be very much appreciated
    We are meant to tell you about ourselves - you can find me on
    Take care and don't smoke too much!

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