cure shelf life

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Jan 11, 2006
Northern New England
Does anybody know about how long a batch of cure will last after it's been opened. I have it sealed in a plastic tub and out of the light. I just don't know how long I can keep it until it looses its potency. Anybody know? Thanx in advance


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Dec 31, 2005
Central Indiana
I had the same question when I bought the big bucket of cure. Called Sausage Maker and was told it would last a couple years or longer if sealed. I divided out the amount of cure it would take for 5lb, 25lb and 50lb batches of summer sausage, and put them in vacuum sealed bags. After getting tired of making small bags, I just put the rest up into 1 cup amounts. I also vacuum seal all my other bulk seasons, in hopes they will last longer. Hope this helps, BEAR