Critter Problem

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May 5, 2007
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of a pesky ground hog? He moved in under my shed, which is adjacent to one of our gardens, so needless to say, he's in "Hawg Heaven" ... lots to eat!

I'm in a suburban neighborhood, so guns, grenades and flame throwers are out of the question... any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I'm in a suburban neighborhood, so guns, grenades and flame throwers are out of the question...

Have-a-Heart trap. Borrow one from the local Animal Services Dept, they use them for ferrell cats.
Good Luck HH!! Let me know what works!! We've had one under the shed beside the salad bar for weeks! Had the Animal Control bring over a live trap and he disappeared for a week! They picked it up on Friday and he was back at it on Monday!!!! Let me know!! We did try fire crackers at the entrance but that did nothing!!
Sounds like you need the assistance of Bill Murray from "Caddie Shack".
Thanks for all the input y'all, I'll get that suminabotch one way or another... keep ya' posted!
Now that is just awesome! That will certainly do the trick!
Ground hogs usually have at least two holes .... I'd dump a gallon of bleach down one followed quickly by the garden hose and wait for him at the other hole ... shouldn't take long !!!
Problem is, I can't reach the holes... they are under the shed. Bastids.
go to a quality pawn shop/gun store. they should have .22 caliber pellet rifles. i used to have a couple of them. they are almost as powerful as a .22 rifle, with hardly any report. i used to shoot squirrels with mine, and they would tear up their little heads, lol. you can get a really good one (ie benjamin sheridan) for $120 or less. go to wal-mart and get an air rifle scope to put on it if you wish. i had one on both of mine.
I'd go the live trap route and bait it with an onion. They love onions.
Relocate him elsewhere. No good reason to kill it despite the annoyance! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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