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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bluefrog, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. I remember a disscussion a while back about how to get the skin to crisp up on chicken. Someone reported that they had heard that dusting the skin lightly with corn starch would cause it to crisp up in a slow smoke. Did anyone ever try this? And if so did it work?

  2. desert smokin

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    Don't know about cornstrarch. I raise my smoker temp to about 265 when the chicken hits about 165-170 and that crisps it up pretty good. I try not to spritz it the last 15-20 minutes either.
  3. watery eyes

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    I don't have any issues getting a crisp skin with normal spritzing....but truth one here eats the skin except the dog. [​IMG]

    Once I pull a Butt-Chicken from the smoker.....I strip the skin first thing before pulling the meat from it.

    If I want crispy skin chicken, I'll just fry up a mess.....JMO
  4. devolutionist

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    I've got 8 of 'em to smoke on the 4th - I'll keep that in mind...
  5. flash

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    i feel the same way. Skin is really not good for you anyway. Sure is hard to lay off it when I do Rotisserie chicken though [​IMG]

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