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Smoke Blower
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Mar 9, 2007
Williamsburg, IA
I'll start out by saying----no food porn. I promise, next time you'll get some--I'm still learning.

Sunday's thunderstorms could not deter my desire for ribs. I rolled the smoker to the garage door and lit her up with a good charcoal fire, laid in the logs and had a roaring fire in no time. Being well armed with extra thermometers, I vowed NOT to overcook the meat like the first four attempts.

Night before-very light salt, pepper, garlic, & paprika rub 'n' wrap.
Morning- pull from frig, let slowly warm while building fire.

I had two racks of Baby Backs and about a four lb. Sirloin Tip Roast. The wild temperature swings were crazy-- I had to rotate the smoker several times as the wind direction had radical changes. I did not allow the heat to get over 220* and mostly around 200-210* for 6.5 hours---The Ribs were smoked using a modified 3-2-1 using light CRANAPPLE juice in the foil wrap. They had excellent flavor and were perfectly moist----FIRST TIME getting it right. I smoked the roast for four hours, to about 150* internal, pulled it, wrapped it in foil, and let it rest. After an hour, I sliced it into 1/2" steaks, and rewrapped it for later. The roast was still bloody but firm, and still cooking sitting inside the foil.

15 minutes prior to Marge's return from church, I transferred the coals and ribs to the grill. I removed the steaming ribs from their tiny almuminum pouches and placed them on the grill, adding a final baste of sauce. I layed the sirloin tip roast steaks next to the ribs to finish to order, medium rare for Marge and my eldest, Sara; Medium for me; and medium well for my youngest, Angie, who graduated from UNI only the afternoon before! OH the sizzling joy.

The ribs were great, the steaks were better- I had two.

This was the first time I tried the roast, and I knew there were issues with temperature safety. I figured that if I didn't allow the roast to overcook, and if I pulled it WELL before reaching a finish temp, I'd get all that's great in the smoke flavor, and be able to finish with the grill. All my assumptions were correct. Having not read anything like this on the forum, because I'm still new here and just haven't run across it yet, I just thought I'd indulge my creative side, damn the torpedoes, or more accurately, thunderclaps & lightning!

My poor dachshund, P.J. Harvey, was so scared of the thunder she hid under the blanket rolled into a ball, only poking her nose out to tell me the temp was getting a bit too high. For her help, I rewarded her later with some table scraps. It was raining, cold, and miserable, but it was so well worth the effort. I will definitely be serving the sirloin tip roast steaks again and often.

Congratulations Mikey
. Sounds like you had a wonderful smoke

Now next time don't forget the Porn
Great ideas, good to hear success stories! I have to try that steak method...
Thanks, everyone, for the complimentary language. I just listened to what everyone told me.... low & slow, and patience. This site and the folks here deserve kudos for answering questions. The encouragement helps as well.

About 8 years ago I made friends with some folks that ran a restaurant called the Marketplace where they served a smoked sirloin. I remember that this is when & where I fell in love with smoked meat. Every time we returned, I found it difficult to order anything else on the menu. The Marketplace has since closed it's doors and I've not had a smoked steak since. I was rummaging through the freezer looking for something to go with the ribs, after all it's a waste of quality smoke (and time) if there's empty space in the smoker, and I ran across the roast. My mind immediately flashed smoked steak.... oh boy it was so good. Sunday night at my house was incredible.

I've been recruited to cook for the ladies on Mother's day-- Marge and her Mom, my mother-in-law, whom I get along with famously, are literally the best cooks I've ever known- so of course there's no pressure! I just hope I don't screw up. They're gonna tell me what they want for dinner Thursday. If it were up to me, I'd do Four racks of ribs, two whole chickens, and the smoked sirloin roast again. We'll have six adults for dinner, but I want to take some ribs to my "guys," employees, Rob & Jeremy, and my best friend Herb, HerbieQ- as they've all expressed interest, since it's all I talk about on Mondays!!!!!

Wish me luck, everyone, 'cuz I'm really gonna need it.

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