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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
how many of us eat or know how to twist and suck a crawfish?

sorry, about this post but i am bored and missing

nothing like a good old shrimp and crawfish boil
you pinch the head and suck the tail...
Now would that be boiled crawfish or smoked crawfish? I think it would be sorta hard to smoke crawfish... They would crawl out before you could get the door closed!
Big ole pot...corn on the taters...sausage...shrimp..mud bugs...zatarans...cayene peper...cook till it smells done...dump on table and eat it...popin tails..sucking heads....
Now I have to go to the corner and get some crawfish
Suck the head baby, thats where the flavors at

edit - Here you go Teacup, get you some of these

I LOVVVEEEE crawfish! I haven't had any (good) crawfish for 7 years!!!! (Since we lived in Southwest LA)

Yum. Sounds SO good!
There's a place in Plano/Addison, Tx off the toll way that I hit every time I'm in town called Nate's. He's a full on cajun and a blast to have beers with, plus the crawfish are friggin awesome.

is the website if you're ever out that way.
thanks for the picture cajun... its now my background

as for good boils i have had a really good one at a place called Rags in Covington,La...they have a really good all you can eat seafood... whole shrimps, crabs, and crawfish among other things...

usually i just eat them when i am in Slidell,La...thats where i work in the summer

me and the misses the last time we were in Slidell
If I had a vote that counted....I'd have to vote for the girl....even though she is wearing a "I love ny" shirt!!!!! but the guy.....he is damn near as ugly as I am
SSSHHHWWWINGGGGGGGGG! I love them mud bugs!!! You guys gotta add more to the pot though!!! Gotta have some brats, and cabbage in with the mushrooms, taters, crab legs, shrimp, lemons, beer, corn, and enough spices to make you sweat for a week............aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What is more pathetic is that the only crawdads(whole) I've had have come from wal-mart(china). This spring looks too busy, but some day......some day I'm gonna order me some authentic American (LA) crawdads and have a big ______ boil.

Theres good smoked meat, and there is a good seafood/crawdad boil. Everything else is just "food" to get you by till then.

Man, I'm hungry now.
Big Al if the only crawdads you ever had came from WalMart then you have my sympathy. I too am a fan of the bug and it is almost that time again!!!

Good-bye, Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh
Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou.
You can buy them in Tulsa @ the Nam Hai oriental market-21st & Garnett. they keep live crawfish and blue crabs. I was just by there Saturday. No need to wait another 7 years.

Oh, also Hebert's specialty meats (71st & Lewis) will take orders, but you have to buy them by the sack.

Tim (do I deserve rep points for that or what?)

You deserve a hug for that info!!!!!

...and here I've been suffering on the two measly overcooked crawfish that come on platters at Joe's Crabshack!!!

You lovely, lovely man!
big al,
if you have a vietnamese fish market--
they will have live gulf of mexico mudbugs.

at least in memphis and saint louis thats where they are at...
You must've not looked closely at my avatar.

But Hey, how about a rep point? I just found out I'm an "unknown quantity", and I'm not sure I like that.

Joe's Crabshack..... you poor, poor thing.

Bust 'em in half, suck the juice from the head (and if you're lucky you'll get one with some roe in it mmmmm) pop the meat out the tail and grab another. Is that how it's done?

i suck the tail as well
... when not overcooked they come out real easy...make sure the tails are curled though

i vote for my missus as well... she is way better looking(thats why i am with
she just loves that t-shirt but she is a michigan girl who loves the south(we met in alabama) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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