Couple thoughts, guess this would go here?

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Jan 21, 2007
Pensacola, FL
I have learned so much here, thanks everyone. This is a great helpful and friendly group. My thoughts are this: Can we have a sticky or some way to let folks know about the push-pin map. I think that was a great idea but just stumbled across it one day reading older posts.
Also, I had no idea the 'scale' symbol had anything to do with rep power, just happened to see that when I moused over it one day. I would have loved to throw out some rep power in the past (if it means what I think it means) but had no idea.
craw- the push pin is a sticky under general along w/ state locator. i just added mine a few days ago. wish more would add theirs cause we still have a couple stated unaccounted for. the rep power thing is very cool too for giving compliments cause there's a lot of great people here.
I knew I found that somewhere but forgot to bookmark it. Guess that is what happens when there is so much good information, it cycles fast and I forget where I was :-)
maybe the owners of this fine forum could maybe find a corner of the main page to view where all the members are.

Just a thought.
I agree about learning a lot of neat stuff here. I did stumble on the push pin map the other day, but had no idea about the rep power. Glad to have stumbled across that, too!
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