Country cured ham advice?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by richtee, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. richtee

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    Well, it's been almost two months on the ham. It now weighs 14 lbs. down from 16.5. I put about 25-30 hours of cool smoke on it a couple weeks ago, and tied it up in an old pillowcase and it's sitting in a cool basement corner.

    The question: I know it needs to be soaked for a while with a couple water changes. Can I be more efficient about the whole thing...since it's for Easter dinner... to boil it with a couple water changes, then freeze for defrosting the day before, then oven till hot? Or should I let it sit-waiting till a couple days before and soak, then roast in the oven to cook it?
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    I actually cook one on my smoker once it turn out good they really cook fast. it probby be a good ideal to soak it for 3 0r 4 hour. I also did a cure shoulder for a guy in the fall it had a good taste but was very salty.
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    10-4 WC... read that. Good info...but it don't tell me what I wanna know. Talked to Dacdots...the ham pro, but waiting for another reply. On the plus side... it's just sitting here aging :{)

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