Could use ton's of advice

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Original poster
Jun 3, 2007
NY State
Hey All just signed on to this today.I just began to smoke. I love to watch the big BBQ challenges on dicovery and can't wait to go to my first real live one.I have an upright charcoal smoker and have only used it once.I did some ribs last week and I see how every smoke can be a learning experience!!! The ribs came out good but not fall off the bone. I think It was because I was so excited about it I started late and didn't leave the meat in long enough.I am interested in getting meeting new people and getting as many pointers as poss.I did get creative I used applejucie with water in the water pan then I bought come Mcormick rub with cinnamon (WOW Great dry rub) I tried an idea and used BlackBerry preserves,sugur and applejuice for a glaze that was great too! I used a foil tent for my hickory wood chips they tasted great and they were fully cooked but could have gone longer for more tender ribs I do want to try different meats and woods but affraid.Please feel free to send any advice Thanks and it's nice to meet everyone. John
First, welcome to SMF. Jump over to Roll Call and introduce yourself to the forum and get a proper welcome. Sounds like you did cook them a bit fast. About where was the smoker temp during the cook? As far as the recipies, if you enjoyed it, where's the problem. Trust me, you will meet alot of nice, knowedgable(sp) people on this site. Just make sure you ask the questions you ned answers for. Most of us have asked them too.
Hey this is cool thanks for reading and repling.I had the smoker for most of the smoke at 200 maybe alittle higher twards the end. Can I start to smoke if the temp is up and let it cool as it goes? I was up at 300+ at first and let it come down to 200 then I put the meat in. Hey also you said to jump over to roll call ah........ how would I go about doing that???? Thanks again
John P
Happy you found us, John. Many of your questions already have answers posted in the forums. Just do a search. And may I suggest that you check out the 3-2-1 method of turning out superior ribs! The method is outlined here in the forum.
Good luck, happy smoking, and

Glad to have you, John!

The Roll Call area is located HERE

That is where you tell everyone about yourself, your smokers, you family, your job, whatever you feel comfortable sharing and this gives everyone a chance to make you feel welcome "SMF" style
What srmonty said about the 3-2-1 method for doing ribs is the best way inmy opion. I also pulled them out to soon a couple of times. They looked done but they weren't drawn back off the bone. But if you use the 3-2-1 method they turn out right every time. And the meat does just fall off the bone. Oh yea, welcome to the fourm, this is a GREAT place to learn.It has turned me into the talk of the neighbor hood.
Glad you joined. There are lots of great folks here with great information. You have found the right place to learn what you need to smoke some delicious, falling off the bone ribs.
i read your 1st post up until " great taste but not "pull off the bone" or something like that - if i can throw my 2 pennies in ... sounds like ya didn't cook long enough -you never said tough(temp too high & a bad rack of meat),(i'll get jumped here quickfast) but... yer a man- it's instinct..... you don't need anything fancy. no thermos, no great smoker,no 3,2,1,..minion. go back to basics... downwind from your smoke. tts..... taste,time,'s just plain nature for man to cook over fire- patience grasshopper.... "let the wood do the cookin"-you got it down... not too much heat , not too much smoke, quit looking @ it ( just losing heat)you can hear your pit.... just go by instinct(not the check the meat every 3 mins instinct)relax, talk story, sip 4-7 beers... 3 hrs later (tent & foil @185 w/ 1/2 cup water or the 1 cup condensate pan from the grill)for another hour per 5 lbs - i guarantee it'll be done. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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