cornish hens & brats

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not sure about the pic posts and i think they were out of order- but that was 1 on the grill 2 an hour later 3-2 hrs in & 4 the thin blue smoke and finally 5 in the serving tray(sorry u scratched the skin..... but it was i and will be tomorow ( leftovers as quessadillas) good. now i got a 6 lb picnic shoulder pork marinating for tomorrow - fiesta spice blends rose wine & apple cider vinegar
Sonds good gypsyseagod! Gotta work on those pix though!
Excellent job there,Gypsy!

Got me droolin'
Loved the pic of the smoke.
Who cares if the pics weren't in the right order?
It was easy enough to figure out.
sorry i ripped the skin on 1 bird before serving.-100 points on presentation. and yeah.. i can take some razzing...wait until tomorrow for the picnic shoulder roast.... i work from home & have plenty time to cook.. i won't bust out "ol' blue"... my crowd cooker i bragged about & ain't finished yet. thats fer contests & caterings...tomorrow i'm doing a 6lb bone in pork shoulder roast-i will post start to finish pic. also got some great cornish hen thksgvng pics from last year i have to scan - hens, grn beans, skin on mashe garlic taters. you'll like the pics- w/ lighthouse plates ...
are ya being cocky ?? cause i will go to wally world & do last year's tk-giving spread pics & queing in the 10" of snow for the super bowl-oh yeah i rock, lol great pics- now i will just have to go scan in .. just for you...
ps - yeah that shark was alive & kicking( got the scar to prove it)in that pic but she cooked up damn fine & tender(that was later)i don't eat what i don't kill & i don't kill what i don't eat.. got the scars to prove most of it.. lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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