Corned Beef Brisket

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Mar 6, 2007
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I just purchased a charbroil silver offset bbq two weeks ago and so far I'm really enjoying it. I've been using a webber kettle and gas gill for 20 plus years but finally broke down and have gotten into real bbq. I'm not sure why I waited sooooo long for. So far I've done baby back ribs, they turned out fantastic. Then the next weekend I did a pork roast and some courtry style ribs. They both turned out very good. I made pulled pork out of the roast. I used the Jeff's rub and finishing sauce and I found it to be very tasty. Then on Sunday I did a beef roast and it came out moist and tender. I can't figure out why I waited so long to make the switch. Anyway, I've been rambling on. I really started out wanting to ask if anyone know the difference between beef brisket and corned beef brisket. My wife showed me an ad in the paper for corned beef brisket. I'm thinking that they arn't the same thing. If anyone could help me out with this I'd be greatly appricative of your help.


corned beef briskit is briskit that has been cured aka "corned" if you smoke it with a rub of black pepper and corriander (basically) you will get pastrami!!!!!
thank you very much for this info because i was wondering this myself..

its coming on st patty's day and corned beef is starting to go cheap

any suggestions on the kind of wood to smoke with to make pastrami?

sorry to hijack your thread Frybob
I always tend to use hickory for my pastrami. I also corn my own beef and have currently 5 bottom roasts corned in the garage fridge for both corned beef and pastrami!!!!
Tell me more about pastrami. How much pepper & coriander? anything else? Sounds like something I want to try while corned beef brisket is on sale.
to be honest it would be "to taste" but then there is other things you can add in like garlic powder and paprika etc.......

for me, I religiously follow randyQ's process...then again I corn my own and that is part of the can find it here:

also deejaydebi has a recipe on her site as well that includes other ingredients I don't use......
the packet of spices is pickling spices that you use with the corned beef when you boil it for......well......corned beef!!!!!
Ya know....I've never smoked a corned beef brisket.............really that sounds good!
smoked corned beef...boy i love pastrami.... have never had it "homemade" b4... gonna try this soon... am picking up an ECB(or similar) tomorrow

side note: if you ever are in southern california and want a good hot pastrami sandwich ask the locals for a place called The Hat.. best i have ever eaten
Fry Bob,

The difference between "corned beef Brisket" and Fresh Beef brisket is as follows:

Corned Beef is a Cured Brisket ( pickled) usually with a type of sodium nitrite to keep the red color, sugar garlic, onion etc.....

Fresh beef brisket is just like buying a roast, it is fresh beef ( no cure or pickling involved)

Pastrami is also a cured product

Here is a link to a Home made Corned beef recipe link I posted

Best Regards
Never boil your corned beef. It will shrink it up into a little hard chunk. Put it in a pot and cover it with water and simmer it until tender, or as I prefer to do put it in the crock pot all day while you are at work and enjoy it when you come home.

Also the little pack of spices are so you can put it in the water for a little additional flavor. You don't have to use them as the meat already has absorbed most of the flavors during the cure.
Wife bought a "corned beef" yesterday. Would like to make "pastrami with it. But am a little confused. Debi..the rub on your page... I take is an overnight rub ? Maybe someone else can answer this?
Do any of you folk glaze your corned beef briskets after itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s been cooked til tender? I stud my brisket with clove and do a brown sugar/dry mustard/ orange juice glaze and finish in oven like a ham. Course I still cook cabbage and spuds in the juice! Am I alone on this?
no, you don't need to leave the rub on overnight, just rub and already have a cured piece of meat on your hands.....just rub and smoke......

got two out in the smoker right now......
Tim -

I always leave mine wrapped and in the fridge over night because I think it absorbs more spice flavor and gets embedded better - just my thing. Not really necessary ... I did it once because the smoke got canceled and liked it better so now I do it all the time.


Carl -

Great avitar ya got there! I am always wondering what you'll do next! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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