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Dec 19, 2005
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My cousin was telling me to buy some Corky's (Of Memphis) BBQ sauce because it is so good.

Does anyone have a recipe that is close to that which I can make from scratch?
yo cheech dude,
you might also want to get
GOODEs sauce recipe also.
they are in houston.

i have ate at both places--many times

this one goes really good with beef.

corkys goes with pork.

they are both very tasty
Folks I made the Corky's sauce this weekend and the only thing that I changed was to put it in a blender to make all the same consistency.

Next time I will smoke the peppers first but other than that it is the best BBQ that I have ever made (it is also the first batch of BBQ sauce that I have made.)

It is really good.
Cheech, Here is a link to Texas Monthly Magazine that featured Jim Goode's BBQ Mop and his BBQ Beef rub. Hope this is what you're looking for~

Jim Goode's BBQ Mop & Beef Rub Recipes

I also posted this link on the "Free Recipe" thread.
Thanks Dutch,

I am really not sure what I am looking for just following the post.

I will give this a try, it does look like a pretty good recipe.

What I like about the Rub recipe is the fact that you control the amount of salt that you want in it and the Mop recipe only calls for 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Great for those of us that have to keep an eye on the ol' sodium intake! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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