Cool weather smoking

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Original poster
Nov 20, 2006
Williamson NY
I tried smoking tonight and had a hard time keeping the temp up above 200. The air temp was in the low 30s - clear night out.

What can I do to achieve and maintain 225 degrees? Any suggestions appreciated.

Suggestion 1: Move to FL. My neighbor's house is for sale. It is really nice.

Suggestion 2: Home Depot sells heat resistant insulation. It has foil backing. You can use it to help insulate your smoker.
It was in teh 30's here this morning, but luckily I can just turn up the heat on my GOSM. I have 2 butts a flat and a fatty-xl (that's what I call the extra long chubs of Jimmy Dean from Sam's). The fatty-xl should be done in about 20 minutes. Time to throw the biscuits in the oven.
I've done some cold weather smoking before and have found it's more effective for me to smoke for 3-4 hours for flavor, then finish off in the oven.
Does the cold hurt your thermometer? I have the maverick remote, and I like it a lot. I'd hate for the cold to break it...
Cliff, a couple of days ago someone posted a drawing of a wind break using blueboard and duct tape. The smoker was a Brinkmann bullet; the sides of the boards had a hole near the bottom for air intake and the top board was oversized and had a hole in the center for a vent. My forgetter is working overtime and I can't recall which section of the fourm I saw it in. :(
Godday Joe and the rest of you blokes in the cold. Now do you see what I mean about living in your climate? You must really love it. I have given up praying for you lot and am now directing all my heavenly requests towards the Canadians. They must be getting it even worse than you blokes. Really, does anyone live there, and have they got the electricity connected? Do the Southern states run immigration promotions.? Perhaps concessional airfares ?,no better stop that.

The only good thing I can imagine about it all is that your days would be pretty short daylight wise. I only hope that the Mounties don't find you all frozen to death hugging the old faithful Brinkman [modified] and empty Wild Turkey bottles scattered about. I sure would miss you mob of dedicated smoker brethren. Keep warm brothers.
Started a butt, a fatty, and a round of venison sausage today at 5:45AM. It was a balmy 31 degrees and about 2 inches of snow left on the ground. The gasser GOSM is holding steady at 225 just a shade below the medium setting as I write this. So far.... so good.
Howdy Dr Good - from the land of brrrrr - it's not bad today (Sunday) it's 41º @ 8 am and all's good, we still have ice on the lane and snow on the ground and by some miracle = your prayers - we're still alive and smokin, Got 3 racks of ribs on the smoker as I speak.

Now the Canadians... they're a whole different breed of insane about cold. Can't say if they're frozen yet or not, but I bet you're right about the Wild Turkey bottles.

Good to hear from ya Doc, keep posting and keep smokin

Disney World and he didn't even invite US! :( Hope you're having fun!
Ahyep!! That be the one I was trying to recollect. Thanks Joe!!
FYI, I did use the maverick on Saturday and it behaved like a champ! No problems whatsoever.

Pictures forthcoming...
ive done some cold weather smoking with my homeade wood smoker and have found that putting a blanket over it does help...... raised mine up about 15-20 degrees is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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